My December Stitch Fix Reveal | Festive Fashions!

Hello and Happy Holidays to all my stylish readers! December is almost in the books, and I just received my final Stitch Fix for 2019. I am so excited to share it with you, because I loved every single piece. But because it’s the holidays and I’m on a budget, I could only keep two things. And believe me, it was a tough decision! I asked my stylist for something animal print, (because duh, animal print) and also a few things I might be able to wear for the Christmas holidays. Read on to see what she chose for me. (And guess what I kept!)

(This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. or any other company. I’m just a very dedicated shopper! This post does contain affiliate links, and my personal Stitch Fix referral code. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for Stitch Fix using my link.)

One of the reasons I love Stitch Fix is that you know that a real person is styling you, and carefully curating your box, based on your style profile, your pinterest account and the note you can send to her. The experience is very personal! I have tried a few other subscription styling services, and was not impressed at all with them – everything they sent felt very random and unthought out. Stitch Fix was one of the first services like this, and they are, in my opinion, the absolute best!

December note from Stitch fix Stylist
Katherine’s notes are so personal! I’ve really enjoyed having her as my stylist. She rocks!


41 HAWTHORN | Maysie Printed Crewneck Pullover

41 HAWTHORN | Maysie Printed Crewneck Pullover

I don’t typically like this style of sweater. One of the challenges of being pear shaped (other than being pear shaped LOL) is that my shoulders and neck are smaller, and my hips and thighs are larger. And because of those challenges, this style of sweater usually doesn’t work for me. However, this one fit me like a dream! It was a nice weight, and not at all clingy. And the color palette is to die for. Those deep jewel tones are so elegant. I’m wearing the sweater here with a pair of Kut From the Kloth boyfriend jeans I got years ago from Stitch Fix! I like the combo of the refined sweater with the comfy jeans.

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BY ARTISAN | Ethelda Ruffle Bell Sleeve Pullover

BY ARTISAN | Ethelda Ruffle Bell Sleeve Pullover

I peeked at the preview of my Fix before I received it, and didn’t realize from the photo that it’s actually a sweater, and not a top. It’s beautifully ribbed and seamed, and the sheer ruffled sleeves are a fun contrast to the heft of the sweater. It’s so feminine and really lovely. I’m thinking I could even wear it with my sequin skirt I showed you in this post, or with jeans or maybe even red trousers. It is absolutely gorgeous.

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MAGNOLIA GRACE | Zuri Embroidered Detail Knit Dress

MAGNOLIA GRACE | Zuri Embroidered Detail Knit Dress

Katherine sent this dress because it reminded her of the Wisp brand dresses she’s sent in the past. Knit dresses like these are my absolute favorite, like this beautiful London Times dress I received in my October fix. They’re so versatile, and can be styled a number of ways. This dress fit me perfectly, and the length was spot on. I was also happy that it wasn’t sleeveless!  I love the pattern of the fabric, and the way the neckline draws the eye upward, and away from my hip area. It’s a stunning dress! Pin this one ladies!

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SANCTUARY | Brycee Leopard Print Cardigan

SANCTUARY | Brycee Leopard Print Cardigan
I’ve styled this versatile cardigan here with a simple black top and skirt, like Katherine suggested, along with my leopard heels. Perfect date night outfit!

She had me at leopard. Y’all know I’m a huge fan of animal print everything! I showed you how to style leopard here and here and here. (told you I loved animal prints!). This sweater is everything and a box of cracker jacks y’all. It’s so fun, and can be dressed up or down, which makes it a mighty weapon in your fashion arsenal. I’m showing you just two ways you can style this longer length cardigan, or one like it. Remember, Leopard is a neutral!

Leopard print cardigan with jeans and graphic tee
This cute leopard print cardi can be dressed up or down! I’m styling it here with a fun graphic tee and my favorite jeans.

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MARLYN SCHIFF | Theresa Pave Open Shape Drop Earrings

How lovely are these little beauties? They’re lightweight, but so sparkly and stunning. I am in love with them, and have been thinking of all the different ways I can use them, and what they’ll go back with. They’re just so dang pretty y’all! LOVE THEM! Be sure to pin these and request them from your stylist.


As I mentioned earlier, I promised myself I would only keep two items from this Fix, and naturally, I loved absolutely everything in my box! But a budget is a budget, so I had to think about these items, and how much wear I would get from them. These are the questions I ask myself when I’m shopping on a budget:

  • How often will I wear it?
  • Do I already own a similar item?
  • Do I LOVE it, will I regret not buying it?
  • Is it easy to care for? If it’s a pain to launder I’m just not interested!

I also take a good hard look at myself in the mirror when I’m trying on garments, from all angles. Is the rear view as nice as the front? Does it fit properly? I stopped lying to myself a long time ago about losing weight and keeping something until it fits. Sorry, not sorry. If it doesn’t fit me now, I’ll just reward myself with something later! 

So, what do you think I kept? Leave a comment here or on my facebook page with your guess, and I’ll let you know! I’m looking forward to reading your comments! 

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a stylish New Year! See you in 2020!

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