Leopard is a Neutral! How to Style Leopard Print with Everything!

It’s no secret. I adore Leopard Print! I never met a leopard print I didn’t like. I took inventory, and currently in my closet there are 2 long leopard cardigans, 2 short leopard cardigans, 1 long leopard kimono, 1 long leopard vest, 3 leopard print tops, 2 pair of leopard pumps, 1 pair of leopard booties, and several leopard scarves and gloves. I think. There may be more. Don’t judge. Like I said. I love leopard. I draw the line at leopard print leggings though, because that would just be ridiculous. On me. Not you. It would probably be cute on you. Anyway…

I thought it would be fun to show you just a few different ways you can use Leopard Print as a neutral, dressing it up or down depending on your day. Leopard is also a classic, proven by the fact that the sweater I’m styling in this photos is about 7 or 8 years old, from Chico’s, and I still enjoy wearing it! I love me some long cardigans too y’all. They cover up a multitude of sins.  (similar sweater here)

Here’s an example of how to wear a leopard cardigan for a casual Saturday, or day off shopping and running errands. I’m wearing it with this fun t shirt from Old Navy, my favorite jeans, and some comfy booties. I’m ready to run errands, but I feel fun, not frumpy.

How to style a leopard cardigan

Another casual idea with the leopard cardigan show how well leopard plays with denim and chambray. This longer tunic looks great with my tall boots and the Warp & Weft jeans from my December Stitch Fix, topped with the leopard cardigan. Perfect for a lunch date with friends! Denim and Leopard Print Cardigan

I wear Leopard Print a lot at work. It’s one of my favorite prints to throw on to liven things up a bit  in my otherwise fairly conservative office. Here, I’ve paired it with a simple black skirt, ruffle chambray blouse from Chicos, and my new Leopard Print pumps from Sole Society. Leopard cardigan, chambray top and skirt for work

Finally, I styled the cardigan for a date night, a fun concert, or drinks with friends. The glittery novelty tee is from a local boutique, and the black jeans are Just Black brand from my January Stitch Fix. I think it really pops with the Leopard Print cardigan and pumps, don’t you? Leopard Print for a date night

Well, did I prove how versatile Leopard Print can be? What’s your favorite way to style Leopard? Talk to me! I’d love to hear your ideas. Because I clearly have plenty of Leopard Print in my closet to work with! Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Leopard is a Neutral! How to Style Leopard Print with Everything!

  1. So I don’t own any leopard. I know, crazy! I always thought it was just too much. Lately, I’ve been rethinking and I think I will add some to my spring wardrobe! You look amazing in all of these outfits! But, I draw the line at zebra print. (I once said that about skinny jeans.)

    1. You might actually like a subtle zebra print. It’s black and white and very graphic. It goes with any color too. I had a zebra cardi that I literally wore out. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Wore. It. Out.

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