My Active Wear Stitch Fix Reveal

I have a confession to make. I’m not one of those life-coach, fitness-coach, health-coach kinda girls. Nope. Not at all. (surprised much?) I’m more like a “take life easy, play a little, drink some wine and enjoy the ride” kind of girl. However, I recently realized that I desperately need to get in shape. Someway, somehow and right now. I’ve never been a gym person. The thought of a gym and all those machines and contraptions literally makes me sweat just thinking about them, much less getting on them! But I bit the bullet, joined a local health club and met with a trainer to get me on the road to good health and better habits. And because I’m me, that means I need cute outfits to work out in, right? Back in the day, I did Jazzercize, and yes, I wore workout tights and leotards and scrunchy socks and white Reeboks and it was a thing of beauty! Pretty sure that’s not the uniform of gym going gals anywhere these days! So I asked my Stitch Fix Stylist Katherine for a workout wear fix, and she sent me some fabulous pieces! 

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Stitch Fix Stylist Note
Katherine’s notes are always so personal and sweet.
Stitch Fix Active Wear

I couldn’t wait to try on the things Katherine sent me! So I hopped on the treadmill for a little photo shoot. The treadmill is my comfort zone, as far as exercise goes. My trainer is encouraging me to add a weight routine to my normal aerobics activity. I’m also doing Zumba a couple of times a week, and have even tried a pilates/barre class! I’m pretty sure I could sell videos of me attempting Zumba and make a fortune. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to move my hips like that, but at least I”m moving! I think all of these pieces will be perfect for my new workout routine.

MARKET & SPRUCE Kaylani French Terry Hooded Knit Top | NEW BALANCE Kennedy Transform Performance Legging

MARKET & SPRUCE Kaylani French Terry Hooded Knit Top Styled with NEW BALANCE Kennedy Transform Performance Legging

I’ll be honest …I was a bit terrified of these leggings. I mean, they look kind of busy and I wasn’t sure how that would work on my (ahem) assets. Like, do I really want to accentuate all of that? But I was pleasantly surprised to find that they’re super figure flattering, extremely comfortable and look great paired with the Market & Spruce hoody, which covers things up a bit. I think for working out I’ll just add a longer tunic length top to the outfit and I’ll be good to go. I’m thinking I might even be able to wear them with tall boots and a long denim tunic. Whatcha think?

GAIAM Londyn Performance Colorblock Legging

GAIAM Londyn Performance Colorblock Legging

These not-so-basic leggings will be perfect for the gym or just hanging around the house and running errands. They have a solid compression feel, are high waisted and do not give me the dreaded muffin top! They also didn’t roll down, which is a huge plus.I added the MPG Sport waterfall cardigan I received from Stitch Fix last August. This gym ready outfit will definitely be on repeat this year! 

NEW BALANCE Skylar Performance Tech Crew | ONZIE Sylvie High Rise Printed Performance Legging

NEW BALANCE Skylar Performance Tech Crew styled with ONZIE Sylvie High Rise Printed Performance Legging

My favorite! Oh my goodness y’all. These leggings are the camo bomb diggity! The fabric is amazing and the style is super slenderizing. My hubs even commented that they made me look, and I quote, “skinny”! Woot! The high waist is perfection, and the comfortable compression fabric will be perfect for my workouts.  I kept these on all day after I tried them on, I liked them that much!

NEW BALANCE Skylar Performance Tech Crew styled with ONZIE Sylvie High Rise Printed Performance Legging

I’m so excited about all of these pieces! I was a bit timid about trying them on and sharing them on the blog…I’m so self conscious about my weight right now. But these things make me feel presentable, comfortable and ready to whip myself into shape! What else can a girl ask for? With the added hoody or cardigan, I think I’ll even be comfortable to run errands in these pieces.

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I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about my health journey with you. I’m definitely a work in progress. I’ve been so inspired by many midlife bloggers and instagrammers who take on the challenge of staying fit and healthy with style and strength. These women are my inspiration. What do you do to stay fit and healthy? How do you stay motivated? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks. I need all the help I can get!

What do you think of this Fix? Leave me a comment and let me know! And please, if you haven’t give Stitch Fix a try yet, feel free to use my referral code, you’ll even receive a $25 credit for your first fix!

4 thoughts on “My Active Wear Stitch Fix Reveal

  1. This is my biggest challenge! I have tried soooo many plans, some I lost weight on and gained some of it back because I couldn’t do it forever. I just started Healthy Free U and although I am going really slow, I love it! Next month our focus is exercise and I’m honestly looking forward to a new beginning.

    1. Good luck! I think the hardest part of any plan is the first few weeks. At least for me.

  2. I love those camo leggings! I need a work out fix to help my motivation- I tho l I’ll do it next time. You’ve inspired me!

    1. I was so impressed with this fix. Everything was great quality and fit so well. The camo leggings are super comfy and I just love them!

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