January Stitch Fix Reveal

Tell me if you know the artist by these lyrics – Shake Your Bootie, Get Down Tonight, That’s the Way I Like It (uh huh uh huh). Yep. KC and the Sunshine Band. Pure poetry right there folks. My mama thought he was so dirty. I thought he was so cute. My high school BFF and I were even members of the KC and the Sunshine Band Fan Club back in the day. No shame in my disco game y’all. Anyway. I’m thrilled that he’s coming to town next month, and the hubs and I, along with some friends are going to the concert! EEEEK! I’m so stinking excited. My 16 year old inner teenager is seriously fangirling all over the place. I decided to see if my Stitch Fix stylist could help me out with something cute to wear to the concert, and she did NOT disappoint!

(This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. I’m just a very dedicated customer. This post does contain affiliate links, including Stitch Fix. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for Stitch Fix using my link. ) 

As I’ve shared before, Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service that connects you with a personal stylist who will personally select 5 beautiful items just for you based on your style profile. She even uses your Pinterest Board! You pay a small $20 styling fee, which is then deducted from the price of the items you choose to keep. I am rarely disappointed in what I’m sent. Actually, the only disappointment is that I can’t always keep it all! But when I do, I get a 25% discount! Be sure to read this post through to the end. I have a special treat from Stitch Fix to share with you!

Here’s a few of my recent fixes: 

My personal note from my stylist always makes me smile. It’s a prime example of the personal service that Stitch Fix offers. 

January Stitch Fix
January Stitch Fix

January Stitch Fix

The first two pieces here are the Just Black Drake Scissor Hem Skinny Jean and the Linz Faux Shearling Vest from MO-KA. I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t sure if I would like and keep the vest. But it’s a cold snowy day here today, and this vest was so snuggly and warm! I just loved it! I’m considering keeping it for days like today! The Just Black jeans are very form fitting, but with a longer top, jacket or vest I think they’re fine for my pear shaped rear. They’re stretchy and very comfortable. 

Mo-KA Linz Faux Shearling Vest and Just Black Drake Scissor Hem Skinny Jeans
Mo-KA Linz Faux Shearling Vest and Just Black Drake Scissor Hem Skinny Jeans

My stylist Katherine also sent the Pale Sky Dori Ruffle Trim Cold Shoulder Top. When I saw the style card, I thought it would be black, but it’s actually a brownish color. It has some pretty detail too – beading on the tassle tie and lace insets. I’m not sure if I need another cold shoulder top, and may not get much wear from it, so I’m sending it back. It’s cute though! Very cute!  

Stitch Fix Pale Sky Dori Ruffle Trim Cold Shoulder Top
Pale Sky Dori Ruffle Trim Cold Shoulder Top

The Pale Sky Gardenia Crochet Detail Top is so feminine and pretty. As she mentioned in her note, it does have a boho vibe. The fit was loose and flowy and almost perfect, I just wish it was about 2 inches longer. I really like it, but am returning it, since I’m not sure how much wear I would actually get from it. What do you think?

Stitch Fix Pale Sky Gardenia Crochet Detail Top
Pale Sky Gardenia Crochet Detail Top

Last but not least, the super sparkly and adorable Vero Moda Kiara Sequin Faux Fur Jacket is just what I was hoping for! It will be perfect for the concert! It’s warm, but not heavy, and glamorous without being stuffy or too “cocktail partyish”. I think the soft faux fur elevates it a bit. I adore it, and cannot wait to wear it! 

Stitch Fix Vero Moda Kiara Sequin Faux Fur Jacket
Vero Moda Kiara Sequin Faux Fur Jacket


So what did you think of my January Stitch Fix? Have you given Stitch Fix a try yet? As a special treat from the wonderful folks at Stitch Fix your styling fee is free if you use this special referral code! Yes! They’re waiving the $20 styling fee for a very limited time. So give it a try! You will not be disappointed! And feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have any comments about Stitch Fix. Thanks for reading! 


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      1. I love your Stichfix style. I am in your age range and love Stichfix@ Just wondering if you should consider ordering a size down on the tops, they look too large under the arms and around the waist – might amp up your style…

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