My Winter Stitch Fix Reveal

It’s time for my Winter Stitch Fix Reveal! This is a really difficult time of year to do any clothes shopping…Christmas credit card bills are due, stores are running out of sizes in pieces you may want or need, and down here, we just never quite know what the weather will be like. The calendar may say winter, but the weather can have all four seasons in one day! That’s why I like Stitch Fix…I can just sit back, and wait for that happy little box to show up on my porch.

This is not a sponsored post, but does contain affiliate links, along with my Stitch Fix Referral Code. I earn a small commission when my readers click and shop those links. As always, all opinions are my own, and I appreciate your support!

WINTER STITCH FIX REVEAL | What’s in my box?

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been on quite the bright colors kick lately. In my previous blog post (read it HERE) I showed you how I’ve been styling brightly colored sweaters this winter, and over on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I’ve been showing off lots of fun brightly colored outfits. Something about color just elevates my mood! (You can shop my looks HERE and HERE) So asked my stylist for pops of color. She mentioned in her note that she was unable to find brightly colored pieces, but she did send a few pieces my favorite pastel tones. 

MARKET & SPRUCE | Sharon Thumb Hole Cotton Blend Pullover

This is a lovely sweater, in a fabulous golden tone, and it features on of my favorite touches – thumb holes! How cool is that? The neckline is fabulous too. I styled it with the blue corduroys I showed you in THIS POST. Blue and gold is such a lovely combo, don’t you think? I didn’t keep the sweater since I already have so many gold tops and sweaters, like the beautiful golden blouse I received in my October Fix. 

Winter Stitch Fix Reveal | Market & Spruce Sweater

STITCHES & STRIPES | Bardi Textured Crew Neck Pullover

This adorable sweater is in the sweetest shade of mint green and has an almost delicate feel to it. It’s super cute and would look great with jeans, work trousers or even skirts. It’s light enough to wear under a blazer or jacket too. I like it with the blue cords, don’t you? It would be perfect to transition into the spring wardrobe. Just imagine it with white bootcut jeans and cute sandals! I returned this sweater too, I felt the fit was just a bit “off” for me, and I couldn’t justify purchasing something I wouldn’t get much wear out of. 

Winter Stitch Fix Reveal | Stitches&Stripes Sweater
This mint green sweater looks great with my blue cords!

SANCTUARY | Jacara Balloon Sleeve Pullover

Balloon sleeves are having quite the moment, aren’t they? I’ve styled several sweaters and tops with a balloon sleeve lately, and am seeing them all over social media and fashion blogs. They really dress up an otherwise simple top or sweater. I loved the colors in this pullover style sweater, and think it will look cute with not only denim but also with white or colored jeans. Wouldn’t it be fab with a pair of white skinnies and pink sneakers? I kept this sweater because I think it’s really versatile! I didn’t style it with the blue cords, but I easily could have! What do you think?

Winter Stitch Fix Reveal |Sanctuary Balloon Sleeve Pullover
I’m styling the sweater with my cute Kate Spade sneakers and my favorite Denizen jeans.


Winter Stitch Fix Reveal | Final Thoughts

I also received a lightweight hooded top and a pair of pink leisurewear pants that were totally not my style, so I didn’t even bother to try them on. I’m skipping my fixes for a couple of months, I simply don’t need any more winter pieces, and I’m looking forward to spring and summer, so I’ll just save my pennies for brighter days! I’m also back on the WW blue plan and hope to drop a few pounds, and maybe a size or two, so I’ll just my weight loss success as my incentive to “earn” some new duds!

What did you think of this fix? Let me know in the comments, I always look forward to hearing from you! If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try, be sure to use my Stitch Fix Referral Code and you’ll get credit off your first Fix! Be sure to let me know if you try it out! Thanks so much for stopping by! Remember…Choose Joy!

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5 thoughts on “My Winter Stitch Fix Reveal

  1. I tried stitch fix a while ago and like it a lot. Looking for ideas on how to improve my stitch fix experience, I found your blog and I like it a lot. To tell you a little bit about it, I started stitch fix for my younger daughter. She is in a phase where she doesn’t know her own style and having to take classes from home and keeping social distance is not helping her. This was a way of helping her try a lot of different things and start seeing how she feels about it. It is helping, her closet is getting bigger ;-). Keep writing! I will keep reading!!! Thanks!

    1. Sounds like you’re the best mom ever! 💖 That’s a truly thoughtful thing to do for your girl, and it sounds like you’re both enjoying it. There’s a stitch fix group on Facebook, and that’s where I find the majority of pieces to pin for my stylist. I think that’s what’s helped me the most. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! Thank you for your comment! ❤️

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