My November Stitch Fix Reveal

It’s time for my November Stitch Fix Reveal! I was so sad to learn that my long time Stitch Fix Stylist Katherine was leaving Stitch Fix, so I warned my new stylist that she had big shoes to fill and that I hoped she was up to the challenge. That challenge being dealing with me! Ha! I’ve been so spoiled these last few years y’all. I didn’t really ask for anything in particular in my note to my new stylist and decided to just let her surprise me. As crazy as 2020 has been, (let’s face it, 2020 is one big dumpster fire) seeing these monthly Stitch Fix boxes on my porch each month helps just a teensy bit! It’s a small bit of normalcy in an otherwise abnormal world. Let’s see how my November Stitch Fix Reveal went…

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How Does Stitch Fix Work?

November Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is the original and best (in my opinion) subscription styling service. You simply go to Stitch Fix and complete your style profile; there’s several steps, but it’s super easy. Write your stylist a note, and let her know what you’re looking for, and then await the arrival of your happy Stitch Fix box! There’s a small styling fee, which you can apply to the items you keep, AND you get a discount if you purchase all five items in your fix. Stitch Fix has even added fun new features like “Shop Your Looks” and “Trending” which allow you to directly order fabulous pieces that are specially curated just for you. I literally check the app every single day to see what’s new and available! You can check out a couple of my previous reveals here:

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My November Stitch Fix Reveal

SILVER JEANS CO | Elyse Slim Bootcut Jean

Silver Jeans Co. Bootcut Jeans
I like that these jeans have just enough bootcut flare to balance things out a bit.

I LOVE bootcut jeans y’all! I’ve styled them quite a bit, because they simply work best for my pear-shaped body. Read more tips for styling a pear shape body HERE. The bit of flare at the bottom helps to visually lengthen the legs, and balances out the appearance of my bigger hips and thighs. I’ve never worn Silver brand jeans before, so I was curious how these would fit. They’re definitely long enough, and I’ll have to style them with a higher boot or heel, but that will also help to balance things out!

MAGNOLIA GRACE | Mariana Square Neck Knit Top

The tile pattern is so pretty! Notice the sleeve details too!

As you’ve probably seen in my previous fixes, I’m a huge Daniel Rainn fan, so I was curious about the Magnolia Grace line up. This top hits me in all my feels – I love the graphic black and white design, the square neckline is a lovely way to draw focus upward and away from my hips (another tip for pear shapes) and the knit fabric is amazing. I can just toss on a sweater for the office and style it with black trousers and I’ll be good to go. Or just throw it on over the bootcuts as I did here. It’s a beautifully easy top to wear. 

BB DAKOTA | Odetta Open Pocket Cardigan

BB Dakota Odetta Cardigan
This sweater is soooooo soft y’all!

If you know me, then you know that longer length cardigans are my jam. Check out the beautiful one I got in last month’s fix HERE. I’m pretty sure I never met a long cardigan I didn’t like! This one is snuggly soft, and looks and feels like a cuddly pink teddy bear! I styled it with both the top and then the dress, so I think it’s quite versatile! Definitely keeping this one!

LEOTA |  Libby Faux Wrap Knit Dress & MARKET & SPRUCE | Kaili Micro Suede Bootie

LEOTA Libby Wrap Knit Dress
Here I styled the dress with the Market & Spruce booties. I’m not so sure about this look…

I’ll be honest here…I don’t typically wear dresses in the fall and winter. I’m so cold natured, and the whole tights and boots thing is too much of a struggle to deal with early in the morning as I’m getting ready for work. But….this dress is just so dang pretty! There are so many lovely colors in the floral print of the fabric, and the wrap style works beautifully for a pear shape like mine. I’m styling it with booties as my stylist Eliana suggested. These little booties are a beautiful port wine color, and are super comfy! They feature a stretch fabric in the back and cute buckle detail on the side. Super cute and practical! It’s nice to have lots of color options when it comes to shoes and boots, isn’t it? And then I styled the dress with my own burgundy suede boots I just purchased. I like it best with my tall boots, don’t you?

This is way more in my comfort zone! I like the tall boots so much better with the dress.

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So if you liked my November Stitch Fix Reveal, why don’t you give it a try yourself? I just know you’ll love it as much as I do! Just use my super easy Stitch Fix Referral Code and you’ll get a $25 credit off your first Fix. Give me a shout out if you decide to try it! I’d love to hear from you!

Sweater, Dress & Tall Boots | Stitch Fix

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