How to Refresh Your Wardrobe This Spring

How do you refresh your wardrobe for spring? The changing seasons can be so problematic. Between Mother Nature’s little hissy fits and hot flashes, sometimes we’re not even sure what season it actually is! We can sometimes flip the switch from the mid-eighties down to the fifties overnight. As a result, getting dressed is a challenge! And organizing our transitional closets is a pain. So I will share a few tips with you today, and even link you up to a few of my stylish blogger friends with their own take on this subject. 

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How to Refresh Your Wardrobe | Where to Start

My method is a more gradual approach. Since Spring doesn’t last very long down here, I use this time to gradually begin swapping things over.

How to Refresh Your Wardrobe

The first step is to begin pulling pieces out of my closet.

  • I begin by pulling pieces out by color. Think dark prints and moodier jewel tones. 
  • When I wear something that’s more fall/winter than spring/summer, I move it out of my closet after laundering it. (I have a spare closet that serves as my out-of-season closet)
  • I begin pulling heavier sweaters, cardigans, and blazers. 
  • I begin moving out my wintery pants and jeans. 
  • I begin parking my tall boots and winter booties.
  • If I feel like I won’t be wearing certain things again, I start piling them in a basket to be either donated or consigned. I just let this pile grow until it’s time to let them go.

The second step is to begin replacing and swapping out the pieces I pulled for spring alternatives.

  • When I pull a few things, I look for their replacements, by shopping my closet first.
  • I look for those things I already have that are in a brighter color palette.
  • I begin moving my denim to the top of the rotation that’s geared for the spring and summer months – like crops and ankle-length styles.
  • I replace the winter-appropriate sweaters with spring-like styles – think stripes and pointelle knits in a lighter-weight fabrication.
  • I pull over my shoes that are more appropriate for spring and summer. Yay for sandals!
How to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring

How to Refresh Your Wardrobe | Why My Gradual Approach Works

As I said before, our weather is so sketchy here, a gradual approach works best for me. Because as soon as I swap everything out we will have one of those 100-year cold snaps and I’ll be scrambling for something to wear! By swapping out things gradually I can almost always find something appropriate to wear. And if the weather stays warm I’m covered too, because I’ve been gradually moving things over. 

Next Steps in my Wardrobe Refresh

Now you know sister likes to shop! So of course I’ll be on the hunt for pieces that will truly freshen things up a bit. I’m not the queen of all things trendy and honestly believe in wearing what makes me happy, whether it’s super trendy or not. However, I do like to keep my wardrobe fresh and up-to-date. I won’t be hopping on every new trend that comes along, because not everything necessarily fits me or my lifestyle. So when shopping around I look for:

  • Pieces that will fit my pear-shaped body type. I know what will and won’t look good, or fit me properly because Lord knows these hips don’t lie!
  • When swapping things around, I look for holes in my wardrobe. For example, I realized that I have very little green in my closet, and would love to be able to style green and blue together! I love that timeless preppy vibe and think it’s a fun look for spring.
  • I peruse the Instagram accounts and blogs of stylish women who are similar to me in age, size, or style. I am often inspired by the creativity out there! 

Pieces I Keep in Rotation 

How to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring

Here are a few things I keep in rotation during the early springtime. Since our weather fluctuates so wildly, I make sure that I keep the ever-functional third piece on standby at all times. From jackets to cardigans, I keep these pieces at the ready. I keep handy my blazers for work, or for throwing over a graphic tee; cardigans – both long and short; long sleeved shirts I can layer; and lightweight sweaters also for layering.

My Spring Wardrobe Refresh Shopping List (so far)

Anything I add to my closet will need to carry on into Summer. Our Spring season is quite short! Here are just a few things I’m hoping to add to my closet this spring:

  1. A pink gingham blazer. Gingham is classic and is trending for Spring/Summer 2023
  2. A pair of wide-leg, white cropped jeans I can possibly dress up and wear to the office
  3. A pair of wide-leg or straight-leg trousers in navy blue or black, preferably cropped or ankle length that will work into the summer months
  4. A lightweight tweed jacket (think Chanel-inspired) in a lighter color palette that I can wear with jeans or trousers
  5. Anything else that makes me happy!

The Spring Wardrobe Refresh from the Coast to Coast Style Collective

Last month we shared our top twenty beauty buys with you, and this month my friends Nina, Suzanne, and Julie are joining this conversation and sharing a few of their tried and true methods for refreshing their wardrobes.No matter your climate, we’ve got you covered! Suzanne is from California, Nina is from Florida, and Julie covers the cooler upper midwest in style. Every area has its own challenges, so I’m sure you’ll be able to walk away with some very workable ideas for transitioning to Spring. Read their posts here:

Nina – Sharing a Journey

Suzanne – Ask Suzanne Bell

Julie – Fashion Trends and Friends

As I said, my approach is a more gradual one, as the weather becomes somewhat more predictable I reserve a day for what I laughingly call The Big Purge. But I’ll save that post for another day! Sure hope you enjoyed this one, and that you took a few minutes to visit my friends’ blogs as well. They’re simply amazing! And remember – Wear what makes YOU happy!

2 thoughts on “How to Refresh Your Wardrobe This Spring

  1. You had me at Mother Nature’s little hissy fits and hot flashes. LOL! That is so how our spring goes out here in California as well – so bi-polar! I have a similar approach to my closet – though I think I can be a bit more aggressive which puts me in a pickle when we get that once in a blue moon cold for a week. We also can have very hot days, with cold evenings, so I always have to remind myself to leave a few sweaters, scarves and jackets in the rotation for those chilly evenings.
    Now I gotta start working on that spring shopping list!

  2. Hi Andy!

    I love all your tips for a wardrobe refresh! My spring is also a blink of an eye as we typically go from freezing cold to hotter than hades! I do like to opt for warm items but in brighter colors although I lean towards bright all year long! We both agree – wear what makes you happy whether or not it’s a trend!

    A fun spring collaboration!
    Julie xo

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