What I Wore In Italy

I’m sharing today what I wore in Italy in October, along with a few things I wish I’d packed. This was indeed the trip of a lifetime, and one I highly recommend you add to your bucket list if you haven’t traveled to Italy before. I’m so glad I pre-planned my wardrobe! It took a little pressure off to have that part of my trip planned out. You may remember my travel capsule wardrobe post I shared with you before my trip, and believe me it was helpful to organize myself that way, but I definitely learned a few things once I arrived in Italy, and I can’t wait to share what I learned with you!

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What I Wore In Italy

I picked up this versatile striped sweater at Zara during a little shopping expedition in Rome. I wore the heck out of it!

I had quite a few pieces in my packing list, which you can find in THIS POST. I decided not to take my denim jacket (good decision), black blazer (good decision), or black skirt (bad decision). I also opted to leave the floral blouse at home, because I wanted the room in my suitcase so I could buy something pretty in Italy! I added a maroon no-iron blouse from Chico’s for color. The green utility jacket was a wardrobe workhorse, and it was on repeat from the minute we stepped off the plane. Here’s an itemized list of what I wore:

White TeeBlack Tee
Patterned Tee
Stripe Sweater
Green Utility Jacket
Chunky Camel Cardigan
Long Black Open Cardigan
Black Flare Pants
Black Jeans
Black Walking Sneakers
Black Converse Sneakers
Black Flats
Plaid Scarf
Gold Necklace & Earrings
RFID Blocking Travel Handbag
Gray Hat

What I wore in Italy | A Few Lessons Learned

Woman sitting on steps in Lucca Italy

The first mistake I made was to assume that Italy follows the same seasonal fashion rules as we do in the states. The weather was quite warm in Rome – okay hot, it was hot – and I saw quite a bit of linen and lightweight floral dresses, things we’ve packed away over here, because hello, it’s fall. I also believed everything I read about white sneakers, which I learned is absolute nonsense.

I saw quite a few white sneakers on gorgeously chic Italian women, but they looked clean, stylish, and outfit-appropriate. Once we arrived in Tuscany, the weather cooled slightly and my fallish outfits felt perfect and just right for traveling the countryside. The neutral color palette made mixing and matching a breeze!

What I Wore In Italy | My Fashion Formulas

Here are just a few ways I mixed and matched these pieces! You just can’t beat a well-planned-out capsule wardrobe!

Patterned Tee | Long Black Cardigan | Flare Leggings | Hat | Scarf | Black Sneakers

White Tee | Faux Leather Crops | Scarf | Hat | Utility Jacket | Black Converse

Burgundy Top | Faux Leather Crops | Hat | Black Flats

Camel Top | Flare Leggings | Black Sneakers

Black Tee | Long Black Sweater | Flare Leggings | Scarf Black Converse

Patterned Tee | Camel Cardigan | Flare Leggings | Black Shoes | Hat

Stripe Sweater | Black Jeans | Camel Cardigan | Black Converse

I wore my simple gold jewelry each day, and yanked my hair in a pony tail when it was dirty, topping it off with the hat. I can’t express how easy that made my life! The fewer decision the better! I also took two different pairs of black walking sneakers, just to give my feet a break. I packed a pair and wore a pair on the plane. I don’t regret that decision!

What I Should Have Brought to Italy

I really wish I had packed that slip skirt, especially for our dinners out in Rome. I also wish I had packed a pair of linen pants. The lighter fabric and wide leg would have been so comfy, and would look stylish with my Converse sneakers, white tee and utility jacket. I would have enjoyed a lightweight floral dress on those hot days in Rome!

My Best Travel Advice

What I Wore In Italy
This purse was like the Swiss Army Knife of handbags. Everything stayed securely organized and tucked away. I may have spilled a little olive oil and carbonara along the way, but it all washed out nicely when I returned home. I can’t recommend it enough!

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I was so fortunate to be able to not only take this trip of a lifetime, but to share it with my brothers. We had the most marvelous time, seeing all the things, eating all the food, and drinking all the wine. We walked thousands of steps each day (I think my Apple Watch wondered what the heck was going on). I’d go back in a heartbeat. Like right now. My best advice? Go! Get out there! And please, go to Italy. Life is short, so don’t waste a minute in fear. Just. Go. And use my packing tips! You’ll be glad you did! Where do you want to go? Leave a comment, and let me know! Ciao!

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