Summer Skin Care for Brighter Skin

Summer skin care is so important as we age gracefully. Who remembers baby oil and iodine, lemon juice in our hair, and laying out for hours while our favorite tunes played on the radio? Truly some of the best memories of my life! However, now I find that I’m paying for those golden days in the sun with wrinkles and spots and skin that looks dull and feels dry. Ugh! What’s a sun lover to do? Read on for a few of my favorite products for summer skincare – we’ll get you glowing in no time!

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Summer Skin Care Tips and Products to Get You Glowing!

Cleanse gently

Find a good quality cleanser that agrees with your skin type, and wash your face thoroughly! I don’t always use cleanser, sometimes I use the Makeup Eraser cloths, which are the best washcloth I’ve ever found. Not sure what magic they use…but y’all – they remove every stitch of stubborn makeup from your face, without stripping your skin or leaving your skin itchy and dry. I also like Cetaphil cleanser, it’s a nice gentle cleanser that’s been a staple on many bathroom vanities for years, and for good reason! It works!


Find a nice exfoliating facial scrub like this one from Clinique. I use an exfoliating scrub like this twice a week to slough off that gross dead skin. I love how baby soft my skin feels after! Look for an exfoliator that won’t irritate your skin and that isn’t too grainy.

Use a Toner

I love to use a toner. It’s just another step of exfoliation and prep work to get your skin ready to receive the treatments you’re about to apply. A good one will get rid of any excess makeup and leave your face feeling fresh. Try this one from Mario Badescu. It contains glycolic acid and is perfect for normal to dry skin. Just use a nice soft cotton ball and swipe away the day!

Try a Serum

I recently added this step to my nightly skincare. This one from Elizabeth Arden is loaded with Vitamin C and promises a brighter skin tone, which is exactly what we’re going for! Also, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for brightening up your skin tone, removing dullness and taking care of those dark stops, you can simplify things with a complete regiment like the Reverse regimen from Rodan & Fields. I’m currently using it, and am really happy with the results.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!

I can’t stress this enough. Slather on that face cream girls. Find one that works for your skin type, since my skin tends to be dry, I always look for one that my skin can drink up. For daytime – look for one like Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage day cream that has sunscreen built in to the formula to help protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. And for night – look for a silky smooth cream that will go to work overnight to help restore your skin as you sleep. Try Lancome Bienfait Multi-vital Night Cream Moisturizer

Add an Eye Cream

Don’t forget those eyes girls. As we age that delicate skin around our eyes gets thinner and those pesky under eye wrinkles, dark circles, redness bags, and puffiness start to appear. You might notice the upper eyelids getting droopier too. I use an eye cream from Rodan & Fields, and am very happy with it. Find a consultant to try it out, or you could try this one from Perricone.

Brightening Mask for Beautiful Summer Skin

Generation Clay Mask for glowing skin.
This clay mask feels wonderful! It goes on purple, then changes to white when it’s dry. It rinses off easily with warm water.

I received this purple clay mask in my FabFitFun box awhile back, and enjoy using it. It feels like it really gets those impurities out of my skin! As a result, my skin feels softer and smoother, even before I moisturize! I love it! I only use it once a week, usually on Saturday mornings, since I have the extra time. 

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Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

The hubs and I are obsessed with the scent of Hawaiian Tropic Sport spray. We use the SPF 50, and stock up on it every summer! We stock up on it every summer since we have a pool that we’re in every weekend. It smells delightful and feels wonderful! I highly recommend it.

Stay Golden (without the sun)

Jergens Natural Glow is hands down my favorite summer skin product. I use this stuff every single morning. It evens out my skin tone and gives my skin a nice golden glow. It doesn’t have that funny smell some self-tanners have and dries quickly so I can get dressed when I’m in a hurry. I just can’t recommend this stuff enough! You need this lotion!

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Summer skin care doesn’t have to be complicated, and once you establish a routine you’ll be amazed at the difference just a little bit of effort makes! Taking care of that summer skin now will have you glowing and ready for fall! Let’s Glow!

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