Easy Stay-at-Home Makeup

Confession (like you didn’t know this) I am a girly-girl. I’m a hardcore, makeup wearing, hair fixing, cute outfits and shoes, lip gloss smackin’ girly girl. All. Day. Every. Day. And even though I’m spending my days at home now, I still make it a point to slap a little something on my face and do my hair. It just makes me feel better when I look better. I have minimized my makeup routine a bit for staying at home, though, and in this post I’m showing you my minimal makeup products and routine. 

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My very basic makeup these days  includes the following: 

  • Tinted luminizing serum
  • Magical concealer
  • Creamy crayon blush
  • Setting powder
  • Eye pencil
  • Lip gloss
  • mascara

I’ve been using L’oreal Visible Lift Serum Tint in Pearl for several months now. It’s very versatile and can be worn alone or mixed with a tinted moisturizer or foundation. I love that it’s not sparkly or shimmery, but just gives a nice glow to my skin. And at my age, I need that extra boost! I’ve posted both the serum and my favorite light foundation below. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer has been my go to for quite awhile now. A little dab of this magical stuff goes a very long way as it magically makes my pandemically tired eyes look so much more awake! 

I’ve discovered cheek crayons and have been using one from Merle Norman during my time of self isolation. The color doesn’t settle in my little creases and adds a nice healthy flush without covering up my skin.

Cheek crayon from Merle Norman
The girls at Merle Norman are so sweet, they shipped my order to me, and I was so happy to support a local business! Support your local little businesses that are going out of their way to provide great products and wonderful customer service at a time that they are struggling. They really need us right now.

Then I line my eyes with an eye pencil (I like blue) and swipe on mascara.  I’m always trying new mascaras and have danced around with several brands. I’m currently enjoying the one I got from Merle Norman, but am also a huge fan of L’oreal Voluminous and Benefit Bad Gal Bang Volumizing mascara. I’m really not a mascara loyalist!My only requirement is that my lashes look naturally full and not like a giant tarantula nested on my eyelids. I cannot stand the spider eye look. At. All.

I’m loving Heat Sugar High Plumping Lip Gloss from Urban Decay; I think it will really work for me in the summertime. It’s a bit warmer toned than I usually wear, but I like it, and think tit will really work for me this summer. I finish off with a dab of Clinique Superpowder on my chin and nose. I have to powder my nose to keep my glasses from slipping around. That’s the only two places I apply powder.  I’ve been using the Clinique powder since I was in my 30’s. It has the most staying power and just the right amount of coverage.

I love microfiber hair wraps! They really help to reduce the time spent under the heat of the hair dryer, which helps to protect my color treated hair. It gets enough abuse as it is! I also use a microfiber headband on non-hairwashing days to keep my mop out of my face while I’m applying my makeup I’m in serious need of a haircut y’all. My hair stylist will get the HUGEST HUG IN THE WORLD from me when I finally get to see her again!

And here’s the finished product. Me. At home, minimally made up and ready for a Zoom call, a virtual happy hour, or Facetime with the grands. Oh, And dinner on the patio with the hubs! This staying at home stuff is exhausting!

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