Recap! What I Wore in 2018

I love the first few days of January. The year is still so new, and the past year is still so present, which makes it a good time for reflection, as well as looking forward to new things. So I’m sitting here on this gloomy day, drinking my hot cup of coffee and reflecting on the past year. It’s been cold and rainy and downright dreary, but the fire is cozy and warm. As I reflect back, I’m so thankful for the little gifts that life brought me this year – my sweet family; our beautiful growing grandchildren; fun trips and vacations, the joys of my challenging job; fantastic friendships, and you – the sweet folks who pop onto my blog and social media offering words of encouragement and support. I appreciate you more than you can ever know! It’s been fun sharing my outfits, my Stitch Fix Reveals, and my sometimes crazy ramblings on about life. I thought I’d share a few highlights of the year, and also what to expect from my blog as we go into 2019…

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I commented on my Instagram post that choosing favorite outfits from the year was kind of like choosing a favorite child. It’s true! I have so much fun mixing and matching things new and old, and trying (really hard) to make it work, and hopefully inspire you to try new outfit ideas. According to Instagram – here are the ones you liked best:

January - June 2018 OutfitsJuly - December 2018 Outfits

I began sharing my daily looks on the blog in July, and you can go back and read those posts here:

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Favorite Fall Outfits – October, 2018

My Favorite November Outfits

If I were to choose a favorite print, the winner would clearly be leopard or cheetah print. Fortunately for me, it was back in a BIG way this year, and available on everything from handbags and shoes to jackets and tops. And that makes me super happy! Here are a few ways I styled my favorite neutral print this year… 

My favorite leopard faux fur coat from Chico’s is on sale now! Here are a few other options for you as well:

Coming to the Blog in 2019

What can you expect from my blog in 2019? More outfit inspiration, but with a subtle twist. I plan to shop my closet more. I’ll also be using consignment and thrift resources, not only as a way to purge clothes and shoes from my closet, but also as a really inexpensive way to purchase ‘new to me’ things to incorporate into my wardrobe. I’ve challenged myself to save money this year. And it will definitely be a challenge, because sister likes to shop y’all! I look forward to sharing my money saving, closet wearing journey with you!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the happiness and joy in 2019! Here we go!!

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  1. Can’t wait to see! I will be doing more styling from my closet as well. I think it’s important to choose carefully and enjoy our clothing. I’m excited to start styling some new looks.

  2. I loved your recap and I am doing one for my readers this week. We have a love of animal print in common….

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