My August Stitch Fix for Fall Y’all!

Happy September!

I love September. So many good things to be thankful for. My son was born in September – 30 – yes 30- years ago. I can’t even believe I’m old enough to have a 30 year old son. And he’s my youngest! Yikes! I’m overjoyed this year, because he and his wife are expecting their first child, a son. It’s so amazing that my baby is having a baby!  Also, my daughter and her hubs will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in September. Another milestone, and encouragement that life goes on.

September also brings us cooler temps, and the realization that fall is right around the corner! It’s time to start working on those fall wardrobes, ladies! Did you read my Fall Workwear Refresh post? I shared the fall color palette with Erin, my Stitch Fix stylist, and asked her to surprise me with new pieces for my wardrobe using that color palette. And she knocked it out of the ballpark! As you view my reveal, pay attention to how well she worked those colors into this Fix. Keep reading for my Stitch Fix reveal!



One of the neat things Stitch Fix does is send along “Style Cards” for each garment, along with a personal note from you stylist. The cards provide styling ideas for those of us that need a little help thinking outside the box. In other news, I really want to be the person who makes up names for clothing items, nail polish and lipstick. Seriously…

IMG_2066 (1)



Now for the reveal. And please. Pardon my messy room. Just keeping it real here folks. My daughter wasn’t here to take pictures this time, and I couldn’t find the clip to my tripod for my good camera, so this is as good as it’s gonna get!

First up, the Leota Noleena Knit Dress. I cannot say enough good things about this dress y’all. The sweetheart neckline is perfect. The waistline is super flattering, and the hemline is just right for work. I’m thrilled with how it fits my pear shape. Definitely keeping this one.

Leota Noleena Knit Dress
Leota Noleena Knit Dress

The Style Card suggested wearing the dress with a blazer, which would be so work appropriate! I tried it. Whatcha think?


Next, Hazel Hursty Ruffle Sleeve Blouse. The pics don’t do this top justice. The rufffle sleeve is adorable – beautiful layers of sheer fabric. It’s fairly dressy looking, but I think it will work with pants for work, or jeans for a date night. The style card suggested styling it with pale pink, so I may try wearing it with my pale pink Harper ankle pant from Old Navy.

Hazel Hursty Ruffle Sleeve Blouse
Hazel Hursty Ruffle Sleeve Blouse styled with the Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant

I was completely prepared to send back the Skies are Blue Finnie Tie Neck Peasant Top without even trying it on. I was scared of that ruffle on the bottom. But I think it works for me, especially with the Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant. (yes, another Harper Pant!) I’ve always loved bootcut pants, and was thrilled Erin sent these to me. They fit perfectly, feel amazing and look great with my pear shape. FYI:  Bootcut pants are a pear shaped gal’s best friend.

Skies are Blue Finnie Tie Neck Peasant Top
Skies are Blue Finnie Tie Neck Peasant Top styled with the Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant

Next, the super cute Colette Chavez Pop Color Cuff Knit Top. Erin suggested I style it with the quilted vest she sent me last fall. So when the weather cools I’ll definitely give that a try. I’d show you, but it’s buried somewhere in my closet with the rest of my winter clothes. I love how the top incorporates that little pop of the new fall golden lime color without it being overwhelming. I just don’t think I could wear that color any other way.

Colette Chavez Pop Color Cuff Knit Top styled with the Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant
Colette Chavez Pop Color Cuff Knit Top styled with the Liverpool Harper Bootcut Pant

If you like receiving new clothes, handpicked by a stylist, then Stitch Fix is for you! Learn more here: Stitch Fix FAQs and be sure to use my referral code if you want to jump in and give it a try: Stitch Fix Code.

Prayers for Texas

As I close this, I want to extend my love and prayers to so many of my friends affected by Hurricane Harvey. The devastation defies description. The stories of heroism have inspired me. I’m a native Texan. I love Texas. I love Texans. God bless you all as you recover. Please donate to the relief efforts.


God Bless Texas!





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  1. I used to do Stitch Fix and loved it so much! That striped top is my favorite. You got some really cute pieces!

  2. I’ve been contemplating Stitch Fix for a while — mainly to get some inspiration. Love your honest post!

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