My Five Favorite Shopping Apps

I got my first cell phone back in 1994. It was a gigantic Motorola flip phone that had to be plugged into my car’s cigarette lighter to charge. And it was strictly for emergencies. So I never used it. Through the years our family’s gone through flip phones, bag phones, Razr phones, Nokia phones. (and those are just the ones I remember) Seems like cellphone technology changes faster than Carrie Underwood at the CMAs! Smartphones have made our lives easier by allowing us to connect via social media, messaging and voice. But have you used your cell for shopping? The ever-changing landscape of shopping apps available for your cell phone can make shopping EASIER and can even SAVE YOU MONEY! Which is nice when you’re a busy working woman on a budget like me! Here’s a list of my favorite shopping apps.


Kirkland’s Spin to Win app. This thing is FUN and offers instant savings at checkout! After shopping for some seriously cute home décor you just checkout as usual. Spin the little wheel on the app and hit stop when you feel like it. You’ll receive a discount which you can use on that purchase. I use it every time I shop Kirkland’s. Love it!

The QVC app. This one can get you in trouble. You can shop in the app, view the Today’s Special Value, and check out using your thumbprint. (the part that can get you in trouble!) It’s quicker and much easier than signing on to their website. And if you happen to be interested in items that sell out quickly, it’s the fastest way to take advantage of hot deals before they’re gone.

The Amazon app. I mean. Come on! It’s Amazon! In an app! It works quickly and simply. Browsing and ordering from their vast inventory is a breeze. But it offers other cool features, like the ability to use Alexa to add items to your shopping list, play music, and track packages. I just read that Amazon said it will continue to lower prices at Whole Food stores and will eventually offer special discounts and in-store benefits to Amazon Prime members. Makes me wonder if the Amazon app will play into that new development? Stay tuned!

The WalMart Grocery app. This one’s a game changer for working women everywhere! You can place your Wal-Mart Grocery order through the app, schedule a pickup time and location, pay online and NEVER HAVE TO GO INSIDE THE STORE!!! Can I get an Amen? I use this app all the time. I would have absolutely LOVED this thing back when I was a busy young mom who didn’t want to have to haul the kids around the store in one of those nasty shopping carts with the broken wheels. Game. Changer.

The Stitch Fix app. You know how much I love Stitch Fix. And this app makes it even easier to love! I can update my personal style profile, send a note to my stylist, view my items after they ship and even checkout after I’ve had fun trying on all the cute clothes my stylist sent me! Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Be sure to use my Referral Code when you sign up!

A few more that I love but didn’t list: The Target Cartwheel app, the Zappos app and the Zulily app. I occasionally use the coupon app Retailmenot to look up coupons to try to save a few bucks when I’m out shopping.

There you have it. My five favorite shopping apps. Have you tried any of these? And I’m open to recommendations for more! What are your favorites? Please Share!


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