Spring Wardrobe Essentials

What are your spring wardrobe essentials – you know – the things you reach for (or shop for) year after year? Adding just a few basic pieces into your spring wardrobe will elevate your style and give you a wide range of looks you can play around with, mixing and matching your way to fashion icon status. No, really! Social media is full of influencers these days blabbing on and on about “dressing like a rich girl”, but I’d rather dress like the girl whose outfit looks polished and pulled together. Read on to see my list of key pieces to add to your closet this spring!

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Spring Wardrobe Essentials | The List

Here’s your shopping list. You can shop from your closet, or use my links below to help you curate a few wardrobe staples you will reach for again and again. These are just a few ideas, and in colorways that appeal to me. Think of ways you can make these styles your own! Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit, but remember that these are fundamental building blocks for the rest of your wardrobe.

Essential Pants for Spring

Good basic bottoms to add to your spring wardrobe arsenal should include a pair of white or black pants, a fresh pair of white jeans, and a new pair of denim jeans. Freshen your wardrobe by adding these basics in one of the newer silhouettes – like a cropped kick flare or a boot cut.

Try adding stripes to your closet this spring! a classic striped top or tee will never go out of style, and you’re going to find yourself returning to it again and again. I love the sleeve detail on this one from Chico’s. Don’t be afraid to wear stripes. Good riddance to old rules! Wear your stripes and have fun with them. Of course, it wouldn’t be spring without floral prints, so add a cute floral top into the mix, and don’t forget your basic white tee. Vee necks are especially flattering for pear shapes.

You just can’t beat a good denim jacket. Cropped, boxy styles are trending now, but those simply don’t work for my pear shaped body. I prefer a longer silhouette like this one from Chico’s, which has been on repeat in my wardrobe since last fall! The lightly frayed detail adds a fun touch. A neutral pair of sandals is a must right now, just find a pair in a style you feel most comfortable in. And lastly, don’t forget a good sporty pair of sneakers. They’ll go with everything!

Spring Wardrobe Essentials | How to Wear Them

The cool thing about having these essential pieces at the ready is that they are classic and timeless. Consider them the foundation of a good wardrobe. Throw on the white tee, white jeans, and a denim jacket, and add your own pop of color with your choice of jewelry. Or style your dress with the denim jacket and sneakers for a casual vibe. Jeans, the floral top, and neutral color sandals will have you ready for a date night, and the striped top, white pants, and sneakers are the perfect Saturday shopping outfit. As a result, you’re going to have countless outfit combinations! Woot!

Rent Spring Wardrobe Essentials & More!

Andy's Style Box screenshot

I’m so excited to introduce another way to experiment with your spring wardrobe, without breaking the bank! Maybe you just want to try a new trend or play around with colors, without the commitment. Andy’s Style Box is a clothing rental subscription service that gives members unlimited access to endless styles for one flat monthly fee. Shop the site, add them to your virtual closet, and you’ll soon receive your style box. Wear them a few times, then return them in the prepaid envelope (no need to launder them, dry cleaning is on us). It’s that easy. The New Arrivals section changes and updates daily! I think you’ll be impressed by brand names like Ann Taylor, Bobeau, Calvin Klein, and more. You can even purchase items you’ve tried at a drastically reduced price. Take a peek at what’s in my Andy’s Style Box closet right now! I can’t wait to try these gorgeous dresses! Check out the How It Works section for more information. The first 30 days are free!

Coast to Coast Style Collective | Sharing Our Spring Style

And now it’s time once again to catch up with my Coast to Coast Style Collective besties Nina, Suzanne, and Julie. Last month we shared our Favorites for Spring 2023, and this month we’re just keeping it going! I love their takes on fashion and style! It’s been interesting to see how gals in other parts of the country style things up! Julie is the sparkliest member of our group and loves all things shiny and sequiny. Suzanne is our cool California chick who brings a bit of boho and vintage inspo to the mix and Nina is our classic beauty with a timeless sense of style. I have no idea how I managed to fit into this elite group, but I’m honored to be a part of it! Check out their blogs to read their latest posts.

Julie – Fashion Trends and Friends

Nina – Sharing a Journey

Suzanne – Ask Suzanne Bell

Hope you enjoyed this month’s post! Remember that your age doesn’t define you, and that you can wear what makes you happy, no matter your age, shape, or size! 

4 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Andy!

    I love all the pieces your chose! The striped top from Chico’s is on my wish list! When you add great pieces that are classic and timeless, you’ll reach for them year after year! How cool that you now have you’r own subscription box! Congrats girlfriend! Love our monthly themes and collaboration! XO

    1. Thanks Julie. I’ve really been feeling the capsule wardrobe vibes for awhile now. It does help me get dressed each day! The easier the better. Right?

  2. Hey Girl! I’m with Julie, love that stripe top (and I rarely wear stripes, lol) and that floral blouse your found is FABULOUS! I totally agree on your 3 bottoms and that longer denim frayed jacket is a real winner! Great tips, I cant wait to see how you style your style box!
    xx Suzanne

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