My Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

As you know I’m a big, big fan of Stitch Fix. I adore having a stylist select things for me, and also the ease of trying them on at home and simply keeping what I want and returning what I don’t want. However, because I’m somewhat of a shopaholic (I know, you’re shocked) my daughter suggested that I try Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe service. We thought it would be fun for her to play stylist for me! Here’s my review of the service and what she selected for me.

(This post contains affiliate links and is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. or any other company. I’m just a very dedicated shopper! You won’t pay a penny more, but I will earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for Stitch Fix using my link. I truly appreciate your support!)

How does Prime Wardrobe work?

Unlike Stitch Fix, with Prime Wardrobe, you must select the items yourself, which can be a daunting task. You have to be a Prime member (and who isn’t these days?). Sign into your Amazon account and type Prime Wardrobe in the search bar, and it’ll take you right there. You can select up to 8 items to try on in the comfort of your own home, take up to seven days to make up your mind, check out online and return what you don’t want in the resealable box with the included prepaid label. 

There are more pros than cons to using this service.

  • You can shop to your heart’s content. The vast assortment of clothing, handbags and accessories available on Amazon means the world is your oyster!  However, if you’re like me, and easily overwhelmed by too many choices, this may actually end up making it difficult to use. I’ve honestly looked at Prime Wardrobe many times before pulling the trigger for that very reason. It took my daughter shopping for me, and selecting my items, to make me actually give it a try. 
  • Keeping and trying on for 7 days is a huge bonus! It gives you time to think it through, and to try the pieces on with things you already have in your own wardrobe.
  • Ordering clothing and shoes online is always a crapshoot, so fit issues will happen, like they did with me. It’s just part of the game!
  • Check out and returns are super easy, a big plus!

Here’s what Amanda selected for me:

Lark & Ro Three Quarter Bell Sleeve Boatneck Top – I had a few fit issues with this top. As you can see, it just didn’t fit correctly on my neckline. I’ve always struggled with boatneck tops – oh the struggles of having a pear shape. The fabric is really nice, and the top itself is really good quality. It could easily pass for something purchased from Chico’s or even Nordstroms. I’m giving this top to Amanda for being such an awesome stylist!

Lark & Ro Boatneck Top

Amazon Essentials Women’s Patterned Short Sleeve Waisted Maxi Dress – This is a super cute maxi, but the waistline didn’t quite hit me in the right spot, and it’s a bit short. It kinda made me feel like I looked preggers, and believe me people, that ship sailed about a hundred years ago! If you’re on the petite side, this dress may fit you better. I suggest ordering it in a couple of sizes to try on, remember that returns are free!

Amazon Essentials Maxi Dress

Fine by Amazon Women’s Paperbag Waist Trouser – This pant style is so on trend right now. I was apprehensive about even trying them on, but I read that a higher waisted paperbag style pant might actually work for a pear shape figure. So I gave them a shot. They almost worked! I’m thinking that if they were either a wider leg, or even a full length pant they would have looked better on me. Unfortunately they felt very boxy on me, and not very figure flattering. They are a really nice quality pant though, especially for the $28 price point!

Rockport Women’s Briah Perforated Sling Wedge Sandal in Khaki Metallic – Super, Super, Super cute sandal y’all! I love it! Very lightweight, bouncy and soft on the foot. And the leather has a metallic sheen to it. The heel height is perfect for anyone who needs comfort, but craves style!

Lark & Ro Flutter Navy Flutter Sleeve Top – I knew the instant I slipped this one over my neck that it was a keeper. Really nice quality, and a beautiful color! I styled it with my pink pants and the cute pink flats from my May Stitch Fix. I just love a pink and blue color combo, don’t you?

Lark & Ro Flutter Sleeve top

Lucky Brand Floral Drop Earrings – Well these are just adorable, aren’t they? My daughter knows how much I love floral anything, and I think she had that in mind when she selected these for me. I wore them all day…not too heavy!

Lucky Brand Floral Drop Earrings

My Final Thoughts on Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Overall, I was very pleased with the experience. Like I said, the hardest part for me was Amazon’s overwhelming selection (first world problems, right?) I think next time I’ll try this I’ll either make myself a hard list of items to shop for, a capsule type wardrobe list, or I’ll only go after a certain type of item, like maxi dresses.

Have you tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe yet? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts! And don’t forget that Prime Day is coming up July 15-16! It’s like Christmas in July! Thanks for reading! Have a happy day, and remember to choose joy!

12 thoughts on “My Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review

  1. thanks for telling us how this works! Although I have prime I’ve never had the courage to investigate. I use Stitchfix for the same reasons –

  2. Loved this post Andy! I shop Amazon all the time but haven’t tried this service yet. I’ve learned to carefully read sizing charts and the comments. Returns are so easy that it usually is a non issue!

    1. I agree about the size charts and the reviews. Amanda did a great job choosing for me!

    1. I truly enjoyed the experience! It was fun working with my daughter and letting her choose for me! Definitely helped me feel not as overwhelmed.

  3. I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for a long time and I’m also an affiliate and I think I place at least one Amazon order every day. But, I’ve never tried the Prime wardrobe. Thank you for giving so much information on how this works. I’m definitely going to give it a try!

  4. Well that was really fun! I have not tried the Amazon Prime Wardrobe program, though I have bought a few items off Amazon for clothing, and was quite satisfied. I might give this a try! You/your daughter found some really cute pieces!

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