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The first few weeks of May are in the books, and let me tell you, it’s been a doozy. The weather has been a crazy mishmash of rain, hot, cold, dry, sunny, cloudy – every season, rolled into two weeks. Good times. That really makes the treasure hunt in the closet a challenge y’all! So here’s what I wore, some buying ideas, and some tips for dressing in transitional weather.

(This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. or any other company. I’m just a very dedicated shopper! This post does contain affiliate links, including Stitch Fix. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for Stitch Fix using my link.)

Tip: Wear brighter colors to usher in the spring/summer season!

Electric Blue Outfit

One way to embrace the spring/summer season, if the weather hasn’t made up its mind, is to go ahead and don brighter colors. I especially love this shade of electric blue, and have several pieces in this vibrant hue in my closet. I’ve found so many options when playing around with this color – it blends with red, black, turquoise, coral, hot pink – almost anything! Here I’ve styled an electric blue tunic with black and white ankle pants, as well as a pair of electric blue pants with a cardigan and floral top.

Tip: Find an anchor color to style spring blazers and tops

Spring Blazers

I guess it’s not secret that I have a crush on blazers and jackets. They’re perfect no matter the season, and instantly add polish to any outfit. Here I’ve styled a couple of blazers and tanks from Chico’s with a pair of deep chocolate brown bootcut trousers. Brown isn’t just for all y’all! It’s a fantastic neutral that will go back with brights or more subdued colors and will carry you far into the spring and early season season.

Tip: Think Pink!

Pink and wide legged crops

Another poorly kept secret is my love affair with pink. It’s a color that just screams spring/summer. I love to find tops that use pink in unexpected ways, like the pink camo tee I styled here. I love pink so much that I even asked my Stitch Fix stylist for an all pink April fix

These crops are from my May fix, and I have worn them like crazy! The ankle length is perfect for this time of year.

Tip: White Pants for the Win!

White Pant outfit ideas

I know, I know, wait to wear white after Memorial Day, blah, blah, blah…I think those rules are out of date and I’m hashtag over it. Go ahead and rock those white jeans and ankle pants and your wardrobe will feel instantly fresher! Even if it’s cool and rainy…heck, especially if it’s cool and rainy! Dress them up or down…they’re sure to be your wardrobe staple for the rest of the spring/summer season.

Tip: Flowy ponchos are perfect for spring!

Karen kane Poncho

I’ve joked that this is the poncho that ruined my shopping diet. I love all the colors in the pattern of the fabric. I think it’ll play well with white jeans, and a wide variety of accessories. This poncho is lined, so no extra cami needed! So it was a smart purchase! (see what I did there?) If you’re watching your budget, a good question to ask before buying is, ”what do I already have that this will go with?” If you can’t reasonably answer that question, you might want to rethink that purchase. Just sayin’

So there’s my style recap for the few couple weeks of May. I hope I’ve given you a couple of good style ideas you can work with, and that I’ve inspired you to try something new! You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook, where I share my daily outfits and more!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my outfits., and if you have any ideas for upcoming blog posts! I’m always open to ideas! Have a happy May!

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  1. Super fun and stylish stuff for spring!! There are quite a few pieces here that I’m totally loving!! Sometimes I think I don’t have a “style” because I like so many different things! : )

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