May Stitch Fix

May Stitch Fix Reveal

May is my birthday month! It’s also Mother’s Day month, graduation month, and in the school biz – “everybody has apparently lost their dang minds” month. So just imagine my joy when I received my Stitch Fix box full of happiness just in time for my birthday! How’s that for good timing? I can’t wait to show you what my stylist sent me this month!

(This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. or any other company. I’m just a very dedicated shopper.! This post does contain affiliate links, including Stitch Fix. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for Stitch Fix using my link. )

May Stitch Fix Reveal
My box of happiness from Stitch Fix!

I actually forgot to write my stylist a note this month, yet somehow she managed to send me some cute things! As I’ve written before, my best advice is to create a Pinterest board for your stylist, so she has a clear idea of your style, and items you’ve seen that you’d like to receive. Check out my boards! Pinterest is a great source of information and inspiration for you, AND your stylist! 

Here’s this month’s note from Katherine: Stitch Fix Stylist's note

I wasn’t sure about the Lila Ryan Melina Straight Leg Pant until I tried them on. Holy cow are they comfy, super soft and such a cute shade of kelly green! I knew the instant I zipped them up that they were keepers. I tried them on with the Skies Are Blue Yena Embroidery Detail Top as Katherine suggested for a preppy look. As pretty as the top is, I didn’t keep it. I just didn’t love it enough. What do you think? Skies are Blue top, Lila Ryan pants from Stitch Fix

The Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top is so pretty! The front of the top is a stretchy lace, and the back is a solid fabric with cute zipper detail. I wore the top AND Lila Ryan pants to work the day after I got my fix! I love both pieces that much! Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top from Stitch Fix

The gorgeous Karis Ponte Dress by Wisp is all that and a bag of chips y’all! It’s absolutely fabulous. The print just makes me happy. It’s made so well, as all the Wisp dresses are! Isn’t it gorgeous? That print makes me swoon…Wisp Karis Ponte Dress

Finally, Here’s the Aulora Striped Tassel Tote by Octavia. It’s going with me on several trips this summer, and may even serve as a casual work tote. Y’all know I love me some color! And this one has them all. It’s large enough to use as an overnight bag too. So cute! Aulora Striped Tassel Tote from Stitch Fix

I sing the praises of Stitch Fix all the time, because I am a believer! Here’s a quick run down of my most recent fix reveals, just in case you missed them:

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For a $20 styling fee your stylist will send you a box of happy! The $20 fee is applied to your purchase, and if you’re lucky enough to like all five pieces your stylist sends you, you’ll receive a discount on the purchase! How cool is that? No mall, no fuss, no rush, no stress. Just trying things on in the comfort of your own home. You have five days to decide! Stitch Fix offers Plus sizes, Petites, Maternity, even styles for men! It’s so easy to sign up. Just use my link, sign up, fill out your profile and start pinning to your Pinterest Board. Click the picture below for more info!

I sure hope you enjoyed this month’s Stitch Fix reveal! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my Fix. Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your support so much…



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  1. I love your fix! I pinned the dress and tote- I think we have similar tastes. I got that white top in April and love it! Happy birthday to you

    1. You should really try it. It’s a great way to get out of a style rut. I love it.

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