How to Style Blazers for Spring

How to Style Blazers for Spring
It’s finally Spring y’all! Can I get an amen from my sisters up north? I know it’s been a long, grueling winter. But I think (maybe) we’ve finally made it. Of course what that means down here in the southern part of the country is storms. Lots of storms. Possible tornadoes and hail and wind, followed by bizarre cold snaps that freeze baby peaches and any bedding plants you were foolish enough to plant. Because Mother Nature is a diva, apparently.

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The transitional seasons are the most difficult when deciding what to wear each day. As I shared in a couple of my previous Stitch Fix Reveals figuring out your workwear for the week is a crapshoot! So I just roll the dice and go with it! That’s why i love jackets and blazers in the springtime. They’re perfect for layering, and for mixing and matching with different tops you may have in your closet. What follows are a few of my favorite ways to style blazers during the Spring months. Maybe you can use these ideas yourself?
I saw this jacket and top and Chico’s and knew it just had to be mine. The bright color, is called ‘Malibu Punch’. I mean. Come on! Who doesn’t like Malibu? Or punch?

How to style a blazer

Shop the look here:

I’ve had this white blazer in the closet for awhile. It’s Hawthorn brand from a previous Stitch Fix and I’ve had so much fun with it! I showed you how I style it when I’m using my favorite ‘Column Dressing’ technique. It’s such a dependable basic! I found this cute lace top at Versona and thought it was so lovely! I styled it with some Kendra Scott jewelry for a feminine, professional look.

how to style a white blazer

Shop similar styles here:

Here’s another fun jacket, from LeLis, also from Stitch Fix! Isn’t the lapel detail cute? I paired it with a fun leopard print Calvin Klein top from Dillards, and a cute statement necklace I actually scored from Thred Up! I consigned quite a few things a while back and used my payout to pay for this necklace, and several other happy little additions to my wardrobe. Thred Up is amazing. You need to take a look at it, especially if you’re about to do a little spring cleaning in your closet.


Shop similar styles here:

Jackets and blazers are such a versatile way to stretch your work wardrobe. They can also be dressed down to add versatility to your weekend outfits. But that’s another blog post for another day!

My Pinterest boards are full of ideas and style inspiration.  If you’re looking for a fun way to update your workwear or every day wardrobe give Stitch Fix a try! Complete your style profile, and be sure to link your Pinterest account. Feel free to pin my pictures to your Pinterest page so your stylist has an idea of items you may be interested in.

Has this post inspired you to grab those blazers and mix them up in fun new ways? Sure hope so! I’d love to hear from you! Let me know! Thanks so much for honoring me by reading my blog. I truly appreciate it.


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  1. All are great looks Andy! I love wearing blazers all the time no matter the season! I’m a sister up north and we still don’t have spring…snowing today. UGH!

    1. Thanks! I love all shades of pink, and the lighter shade is a fun choice in a blazer.

    1. Thanks Amy! Bright colors make me happy. The blazer is a perfect fit too. ❤️

    1. Three Up is awesome! I just sent a huge bag to them. Closet clean out time was overwhelming!

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