Column Dressing for Work and Play

Column Dressing

I’ve shared before the struggles of being a pear shaped girl. It is NOT easy! I’ll fall in love with a cute outfit in a store, try it on, then face the sad truth that my body is just not made to wear certain styles. I am NOT model thin. I’m a real woman, with real curves and aging body issues. But I’ve had to work with what the Lord gave me for a few years now, and I’ve learned a few tricks. My favorite is column dressing. So if you’re interested in a dressing technique that will help make you look long and lean, read on!

Think of the column as the blank canvas you will dress up by adding a top layer and accessories to give you a taller silhouette. Your column doesn’t have to be black, any tonal color palette works. You can even use a white tee and white jeans and achieve the same long, lean look! But for my examples I chose denim and navy for the casual looks and black for the work looks.

Column Dressing

So here’s my denim column. As you can see, I used a novelty tee (from Old Navy last summer), and dark denim Democracy brand jeans. The top you choose for your column doesn’t necessarily have to be a solid, it just has to be the same tone and color of your bottoms.

Now look how I added jackets and sweaters to the blue column:

IMG_1726 (2)
Red jacket & Dark Jeans


Next, I’m styling a black column with various pieces for work, or an evening out. Using the same rules, I started with a simple black tank and pants from Chico’s, and added jackets, sweaters and accessories to complete the look. The first look features my favorite little white ruched sleeve Hawthorn blazer I received from Stitch Fix. This is such a simple look, and can be accessorized in hundreds of ways. It’s the perfect “I overslept and have no idea what to wear to work today” look!

White Hawthorn Jacket Stitch Fix
White Hawthorn Ruched Sleeve Blazer

And here are a few examples using that same basic black column. I think the red and black combo and the camel and black combo are style classics that are never wrong!


Finally, I styled the black column with this cute sparkly sweater my best friend gave me for Christmas. This outfit would be perfect for a girls night out after work, or dinner with friends. I can just take it to work with me, and swap out the red jacket for the black sparkly one and I’m all set. I love it when I actually make things easy for myself! Column Dressing

Another way I make things easy on myself is by subscribing to Stitch Fix. And now Stitch Fix has introduced something they’re calling Extras! You can now add intimates to your Fixes!! Now you can stock up on undies, bras, bralettes, shapewear, socks and camis right from Stitch Fix.


Click here if you’d like to try Stitch Fix! There’s a reason I talk about it all the time! It just makes life easier for a basic, busy working girl like me. Check it out here:

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial on Column Dressing! Give me a shout out if you tried it, and share your picture on my facebook page! I’d love to see how great you look!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Your gorgeous and I love your hair. I’m trying to figure out a casual style for myself. I just want to look like a woman ya know and feel pretty, to put aside my yoga pants or jeans.

  2. I think you look beautiful!! I have the same problems with my shape PLUS I’m short…lol Thank you for the tips and I’ll checkout Stitch Fix!

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