Five Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Yep. It’s pretty much the last minute y’all! Did you blink like me? I am stunned and startled and mind-blown at the rapid speed of December. It’s kinda like a train that rolls so quickly we barely see it coming (and going)! Don’t panic y’all! I’m here to help! I have a few “last minute” type ideas for you. Go a little above and beyond  the simple gift of a gift card and make it special! Quick and easy, yet still thoughtful. Ready? Here ya go!

  1. Self Care Gift Basket – Head on out to your local CVS, Walgreens or Ulta store and select  comforting “spa” type items. For example: beautifully fragranced body wash, lotion and spray in a soft, soothing scent (think lavender or vanilla), along with a body scrubber, loofah, and hair turban. Find a candle in a matching scent and place all in a basket or pretty dish that can be placed by the tub. Add a bottle of wine or box of tea if you’d like. Perfect for: mothers, daughters, new moms, teachers, secretaries.
  2. Happy Campers Gift Basket – Run to your local sporting goods store and load up on thick socks, hand and foot warmers, gloves, warm hat (in hunter’s orange) an insulated thermos or tumbler, flavored beef or turkey jerky and trail mix,  along with coffee and a campfire percolator, and place in a styrofoam cooler, or even one of the fancy “yeti” type coolers. Throw in a gift card to their favorite sporting goods store. Perfect for: sons, son in laws, bosses and friends. This doesn’t have to be a “guys” gift. I know plenty of ladies who love to hunt, so you can mix this up for them too!
  3. Movie Snacks – Find a cute wooden or ceramic bowl and fill with popcorn, flavored popcorn salts, mixed nuts, m&m’s, chocolate variety candies, along with a few of those miniature Cokes (or Dr. Pepper if you’re from Texas!). Throw in a movie theatre gift card, or an iTunes gift card so they can stream a movie on their Apple TV device, or add in a Fire Tv Stick, Roku or other streaming device. Perfect for: teens, college students, young adults, empty nesters, or anyone else who loves movies!
  4. Meal SubscriptionI mentioned this idea in my previous blog post, because I just think it’s a marvelous idea! Fresh, high quality ingredients, clear and detailed instructions and delivery right to the doorstep makes for an incredibly thoughtful gift. Chef’d is our favorite, since they have a Weight Watchers plan, and I can customize the number of meals we receive per week. Perfect for: Working moms, busy families, empty nest couples and anybody else who eats! 
  5. Stitch Fix Gift Card – You know how much I LOVE Stitch Fix! I blog about it monthly when my fix arrives. Give the gift of style to the special ladies, gentlemen and even expectant moms with a Stitch Fix gift card! They will LOVE it! You can print the gift card at home, and give in person to the recipient, or have it emailed – perfect for faraway friends. Perfect for: Busy moms, busy dads, expectant moms, career women. (Believe me, once they try Stitch Fix they’ll be hooked, just like me. I’ll be blogging soon about my latest fix, so be sure to check back for my next reveal!)

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I certainly hope I was able to offer a little inspiration as you finish up your Christmas shopping! Let me know if you used any of my ideas! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Have a Very, Merry Christmas!


(This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. I’m just a very dedicated customer. This post does contain affiliate links, including Stitch Fix. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase or signs up for Stitch Fix using my link. )

12 thoughts on “Five Last Minute Gift Ideas!

  1. I was struggling with a gift for someone I don’t know very well, but is coming to our Christmas this year. Your movie snacks idea is just what I needed, because I know she loves to watch movies with my nephew. Also, how am I old enough that my nephew has a girlfriend! Lol. Thanks for sharing the great ideas!

  2. Great list! I always end up going to a holiday party that was not really planned and I love being able to bring a gift for the host. I have done the movie pack a lot. I love the idea of the Happy Camper! I will have to do that next time. I also just found out about Stitch Fix! I’m excited. I will be getting my first box right before Christmas. Yay!!

  3. I have some last minute shopping to do for some people that are hard to buy for. I love your ‘self care’ and ‘happy camper’ gift basket suggestions. I would certainly be happy to receive either!!

  4. Movie snacks!! I love that idea, I never would have thought of it though. But that would be so great for a few people I know who just love their netflix nights. Thanks for the idea.

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