Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Enough Stuff!

Even though our nest has emptied, our lives stay full of blessings and bounty. Work keeps us busy, and our friends and family (and grandkids!) keep us active and involved in life. Life is so busy, and the holiday season is no exception! But as the hubs and I have gotten older, and after 35 years of marriage, we realize that we don’t need as much “stuff”. There is literally not one single thing I can ask for this Christmas that I don’t already have enough of. I have enough clothes in my closet (Lord knows!), and if I want an outfit, I buy the outfit myself! I have plenty of purses and shoes. I absolutely DO NOT need another small appliance or kitchen gadget. I don’t want or need any more tchotchkes or figurines or home décor. So the hubs and I talked, and decided that we would gift each other with experiences and memories we could share together. I guess we’ve become sentimental in our midlife years! If you’re on the same page, read on for some clever ideas!

  1.     Concert Tickets – The hubs and I have recently made it a point to attend concerts whenever our favorite bands or entertainers are in town. The cool thing about this idea is that tickets usually go on sale well in advance. So you can purchase and gift the tickets now, and enjoy the concert later! Don’t overlook bands and artists from years gone by. The sense of nostalgia is sure to make for a special night together. In the past several years we’ve seen Stevie Nicks, Foreigner, The Eagles,and Barry Manilow. Gifting Tip: Consider giving an iTunes gift card along with the tickets, so he can enjoy the music now!
  2.     Getaway or Vacation – How about making reservations at a resort or hotel for a quick little romantic getaway? You don’t have to make this one extravagant or expensive. It can even be in driving distance! Sometimes just getting away for a couple of days can recharge your batteries. Gifting Tip: Print out the reservation details and add a calendar invitation with all the details of the trip.
  3.     Wine Club or Meal Box SubscriptionOkay, now this one is fun! Have you tried Chef’d or Plated, Blue Apron or any of the countless other meal subscriptions? It’s a delightful way to get in the kitchen and cook together, drink wine and chat as you prep and serve up the tasty recipes. The instructions are easy to follow, and the ingredients are fresh, high quality and delicious! Add a wine club that delivers to your home and you’re all set for months of tasty meals and good times. Gifting Tip: Wrap up a few utensils like spatulas, zesters, garlic press etc, tie with a ribbon and enclose the subscription information.
  4.     Theatre Tickets/Sports Season Passes – We did this for several years! As soon as the Summer Musical Series was announced I’d purchase the Season Tickets and print out the confirmation for his Christmas Stocking. This was a gift we enjoyed all year long. If the season pass is too expensive, consider giving the gift of one show, and include dinner arrangements. Sports Tickets – Along the same lines as the Theatre Season tickets, this gift will be enjoyed for several months. And this doesn’t have to be “big league”! Your city or town might have a minor league or college team. Show your support, and have a great time together! Gifting Tip: Present the tickets along with a tee shirt or other novelty item, or print a picture of the team and frame it and give along with the tickets
  5.     Amazon Echo or Google Home – This little gift will make life so fun! We love ours. We ask Alexa to play music, to read, to give the weather report, to update us on the daily news, to read recipes and give us mixing instructions for cocktails. I haven’t gone so far as to have her turn on lights or devices, but I’m getting there. Amazon recently updated the Echo and now have the Echo Show, and I’m so tempted! Gifting Tip: Be sure to subscribe to Amazon Prime to use with the Echo.

Did you like this list? I’m hoping it started your wheels turning as you finish up your Christmas giving and wishing! Hope it helps! Now it’s your turn. What “eventful” gift ideas can you share with me and my readers? Please share!  And Merry Christmas!



13 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Enough Stuff!

  1. I gave my parents tickets to Beauty and the Beast ballet one year for Christmas. They weren’t to any large company, but my parents loved them. It was something they wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t got then tickets for them.

  2. I’m newly married and needed some new ideas for something to get him. These are so great. I want to get him something useful, fun, and not something we already have. I love the concert idea!

  3. I love this list! I am always looking for ideas that are different and meaningful. I know that I would love theatre tickets, and a food subscription box! Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. I love all of these ideas! I’m just starting my family with two littles of my own but I’d be excited to get any of these gifts myself! The meal subscription is my favorite idea right now but we have given my parents season passes to our local theme park for many years now. They always gift us the same passes so we can all go together as a group and they can watch the grandkids play!

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