About the Spring Style Challenge

If you know me, you know I love fashion. I can’t afford high fashion, nor could I fit my thighs into anything that’s sized for those itty bitty, long and lanky, pre-pubescent models. (that’s another blog post for sure). I worked in a boutique for awhile, and loved it. Playing with clothes is fun! But I do get bored and overwhelmed sometimes. You know the feeling girls? Standing in your closet. Staring at all of it. Sifting through your tops and pants and sighing to yourself…”I don’t have anything to wear.” 

I started following fashion and lifestyle blogs. And one in particular has really inspired me. Cyndi Spivey features fashion and style tips for us girls over the age of 40. She’s cute, and proves that you don’t have to be frumpy if you’re a woman of a certain age.

I took part in her Fall Workwear Style Challenge back in the fall, and just recently completed her Spring Workwear Style Challenge. It was fun!

We were given a shopping list of pieces that would be mixed and matched into outfits as we progressed through the challenge. I took the list as a suggestion and as inspiration. I shopped for many of the looks from my own closet, and refreshed my wardrobe with a few new items.  I really hate to wear the same things over and over, so I mixed it up, but still tried to stay within the parameter of the challenge. And the bonus is I didn’t have to stare blankly at the bazillion garments in my closet every morning! I knew what to wear! Win!

John took my picture every morning before I left for work. I posted these on the challenge facebook group page. I was so inspired by the other ladies. I love the way we all worked within the challenge, but were still able to put our own spin on the outfit suggestions. Amazing! Us workin’ girls have got it going on y’all!

Here’s a look at my fall and spring challenge looks. Fall Challenge pics are on the top two rows, Spring Challenge on the bottom two rows.


I’m already looking forward to the next Fall Style challenge. Because a girl always needs options!

Today’s Pearls of Wisdom:

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3 thoughts on “About the Spring Style Challenge

  1. Love me some Cyndi Spivey! I follow her as well! You are every bit as cute as she is….and much funnier! Thank you for your blog and your pearls of wisdom! Brought a smile to my face🙂 You are a gifted writer!!

  2. Uh, how does one subscribe to a blog? I follow a few Scandinavian blogs and just have them in my favorites to check out, other than that I don’t know how. I will very definitely be following yours.

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