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(I should write a book. I probably won’t, but I would if I could! And I’ve often said that facebook is not a blog! It’s not! But I’ve definitely found myself using it that way. Seriously. My own pet peeve. Guilty. So all those rants, raves, musings, gripes, reviews, this, that and the other…I’m going to put here. I had a blog over on blogspot, maybe you remember it, I’ll add the link when I figure out how, in case you want to see any of my past postings.)

So. Pearls and Pantsuits…what does it mean? This blog is dedicated to my extremely clever and creative Mama who went to heaven in 2015. And when I think of my Mama from my youth, she’s wearing one of those groovy polyester pantsuits, all matched up, tie belt, clog sandals, hair fixed, (lipstick on for Daddy) and smelling of White Shoulders, Pall Mall cigarettes and Doublemint gum.


But Mama? She was more than that. In her younger years, before me, she was long, lean, stylish, and as sophisticated as a young girl from Arkansas, thrown into the life of an American soldier’s wife could be. She loved clothes. And shoes. And jewelry. And dressing up. Hated the parties, but loved the dressing up!


So every once in awhile, I’ll wear her pearls, splash on my cologne, wear my version of the pantsuit, and apply lipstick (for John). And I’ll remember Mama. All the versions of her. Because she enjoyed her life, and I hope to honor her with my own journey.


Happy Mother’s Day.

May, 14, 2017

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  1. Love this post!! I have wondered the reason behind your blog name and now I know it’s because of your Momma. Very sweet:)

    1. Thanks! She was a really creative writer too. My blog is truly inspired by her. In every way.

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