My Favorite Things for August

Hi y’all! It’s time for another monthly roundup of my favorite things. I guess it’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a shopaholic, and I’m always on the lookout for fun new products. I may be in my fifties, but I’m way too young to get stuck in a rut! This month I’m sharing my latest obsessions for beauty, style and home, and can’t wait to show you what I’m loving right now! 

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission when you shop from my links, which helps me support my blog. As always, thank you so much for your support! Happy shopping!


Nars Makeup Your Mind Face Palette

Why I love it: This is a brand new palette from Nars, and yes, it includes their famous blush – Orgasm. All the colors in this palette are gorgeously neutral and warm, richly pigmented, and work with absolutely any skin tone. I’m in love! It’s a great price point for a quality palette like this. The colors are perfect for fall!

KISS ImPress Nails 

Why I love it: Okay, okay…I know what you’re thinking. Tacky press on nails. Am I right? Well let me assure you that these are absolutely NOT tacky. If anything they’re absolutely stunning! I love the ease of just sticking these beauties on and receiving tons of complements. People are shocked when I tell them that they’re press-on! They’re much less expensive than going to the nail salon every two weeks, and I’ve been able to keep them on for a little over a week each time I use them.

Game of Chromes Nail Polish by Sally Hansen

Why I love it: My friend turned me on to this golden chrome color nail polish this summer. It’s absolutely perfect for your late summer toes! The neutral color goes with anything, and the polish seems to stay on forever. The Sally Hansen gel polish system is amazing, and hands down one of the best at home polishes I’ve ever used.


Pruce Ankle Strap Sandals by  Nine West 

Why I love it: It’s no secret that animal print is trending in a huge way for fall! And snake print is leading the way! These fun little sandals will put a perky little pep in your step! If you’re not into snake print, they’re available in many more colors. Gorgeous!

Women’s Snake Print Long Sleeve Tie Neck Blouse

Why I love it: More animal print! This beautiful blouse is from Target, whose fashion game is strong this fall. I bet it will be a beautiful addition to your work wardrobe (and mine). The tie neck is a lovely touch!

Universal Thread Kimono

Why I love it: Its’ versatility! I discovered this adorable little kimono on a recent trip to the happiest place on earth – Target! This little number will definitely be on repeat this fall. It’s the perfect shade of denim, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I even wore it to work!

Women’s Short Kimono – Universal Thread™ Denim Blue


Jamie Oliver Five Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food

Why I love it: My hubs and I ordered this wonderful cookbook after watching Jamie’s show on PBS Create TV. We love to cook together, and we’ve already enjoyed several recipes from the book! They’re all easy and super fast to whip up. And absolutely delicious!

Pentel Entergel Pens – Multicolors!

Why I love it: I love pretty pens and papers. It’s kind of my thing. I think I enjoyed my daughter’s Lisa Frank school supplies as much as she did! Anyway, these pens write beautifully, gliding across your paper with ease. Use them in your planner, scrapbooks, letter writing, or just for fun! 

Cell Phone Cable Organizer

Why I love it: I saw this cool gadget on Amazon and knew I just had to have it. I charge my phone at night on my bedside table and it absolutely drives me crazy that the minute I unplug it the darn charging cable falls to the floor! So annoying! Enter this cool little gizmo. Problem solved. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

I hope you enjoyed this little showcase of my favorite things. Thanks for stopping by and joining the fun! Do you have a new discovery or favorite thing you’d like to share? Please leave me a comment! I’m working on some fun ideas for you, including a fall trends preview, another fun collaboration with my Stylish Monday group, my latest Stitch Fix Reveal and more. So stay tuned! And remember, Choose Joy!

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Things for August

  1. I love that denim kimono! That might just swing me to the dark side – I have resisted the kimono siren song up till now.

  2. Beautiful blog and images. I love nars orgasm liquid blush. I’ll have to give the eye shadow a whirl. And that cord holder. Ordering now!!

  3. I love the leopard print and I am a great fan of Jamie Oliver. But don’t have that particular book. Have seen his TV series though xxxx

    1. It’s such a great cookbook! Even better when the hubs cooks me dinner using it! 😎

  4. My daughter, who is a hairstylist, uses those stick on nails and swears by them! Love your block heel sandals…so timeless!
    xx, Lisa

  5. Hi Andy!
    I love everything on your list. Im all for snakeskin and love the strappy sandals, they are a great height! If only they had nude! Ive never tried the press on nails, I have to keep mine very short for guitar.
    Happy Labor day weekend, hope youre doing well!
    jess xx

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