Spring Beauty Edit – Five Ways to Organize & Update Your Beauty Stash

Hi friends! I thought I’d share a round up of my favorite spring beauty finds. It’s time to freshen up our makeup looks! Just as we change up our wardrobes, swapping out the richer hues of fall and winter with lighter brighter springtime colors, we need to do the same with our makeup and hair care. But before you do that you need to take inventory, and do a little spring cleaning of your makeup and beauty stash. Reserve yourself a few hours for this project, it’s a big one!

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Step 1: Take Inventory

To do this step you’ll first need to get it all out there! Empty those makeup bags, drawers, baskets and bins. Sort it all out into piles – skin care, makeup, nail care and hair care. If you’re like me you’ll be amazed and a little shocked at what you’ve accumulated over the past several months.

Step 2: Purge

This is the hard part. You’re going to have to assess every single jar, bottle, palette, tube and wand. If it’s stinky, clumpy, gooey or hardened beyond belief, it’s a no brainer that you should chunk it. I mean seriously, if a bottle of nail polish is so hard you can’t pull the brush out, it’s definitely time to go! Also, most beauty items have expiration dates. Pay attention to those dates, and for safety’s sake, discard it if it’s past that date, or soon will be. Mascara and eye products past their prime can lead to irritation and infection. Old lotions may have a rancid smell if they’ve been around too long, so out they go! If you’re like me, you may also have tons of samples; as much fun as it is to get those little jewels, they can actually add unnecessary clutter to your stash. If you haven’t tried them, lose them!

Step 3: Sort

Sort the products you’ve kept into categories and sub-categories. For example:


  • Lips: lipsticks, lip glosses, lip primers, lip pencils, lip conditioners, etc.
  • Eyes: eye shadows, eye shadow palettes, eye pencils, eye liners, primers, etc
  • Cheeks: Creme blush, powder blush, etc.
  • Face: Primer, Foundation, CC Creme, etc.

Step 4: Organize

Now that your space is completely empty, it’s your chance for a fresh start! Clean your countertop and storage space well, removing any dust bunnies, and hairballs. (how exactly did that hair clip get into that makeup drawer anyway?) Think about how you want to organize those products you use every day. You want accessibility, but you want it to look nice, right? I choose to keep mine organized in a drawer in my vanity, since my bathroom countertop real estate is limited, but if you’re fortunate enough to have the space, consider an organizer that will keep those items easily in reach and at your fingertips. One beauty blogger I follow keeps her makeup in a beauty case that she just tucks away and pulls out every morning. It’s really up to you! Here are a few ideas:

Step 5: Replace!

Time to shop! This is the fun part! As you organize your stash, take note of what’s missing. Did you throw away a gross old mascara? Is your eye makeup palette missing that one color you seem to use every single day? Make a list and go shopping!

What I’m loving now:


I usually splurge on hair products and spend way too much, but I recently discovered this argan oil shampoo and conditioner, and am in love! They smell divine and leave my short, color treated hair soft and easy to style. I’m also a huge fan of Living Proof products and use the In-Shower Styler for my lazy days, working it into my hair and letting it air dry in soft curls. It’s amazing!


This is just a simple, easy springtime makeup look. It Cosmetics cheek and lips are the best, and give a healthy glow to your skin. And I just discovered the Tarte concealer and have to say that it’s hands down the best I’ve ever used. It doesn’t settle into those little lines under my eyes! Woot!


I’m sold on Urban Decay and Tarte palettes and have never been disappointed in any of them. The best, longest lasting eye colors on the market. Richly pigmented, they’ll add just the right pop of color to your beautiful eyes. Use an eye primer if your makeup tends to slide off your eyes. This one works wonders!


Loving these ladylike pinks! OPI Infinite Shine for the win y’all. Closest thing I’ve found to a gel manicure, without the hassle. The shine is amazing, it resists chipping, and is easily removed with simple nail polish remover.

Skin Care:

Simply put – Rodan and Fields Redefine saved my skin. And the Lash Boost is amazing y’all. Lashes for days! Check out the complete line here: Rodan and Fields

Rodan & Fields Redefine

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me. I hope these tips and tricks inspired you to clean out your makeup stash, and that you’ll give the beauty products featured a try. Do you have any other tips for editing and organizing your makeup and beauty products? I’m open to ideas! Please leave a comment and let me know!

5 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Edit – Five Ways to Organize & Update Your Beauty Stash

  1. Love your make up advice. I like It products as well. I have never tried their lipstick, though. I always have trouble picking out a color of lipstick. Can you please post or send me some names of some shades you use. Thanks friend.

    1. Hi Kay!! I’m also a fan of IT cosmetics. I think they’re really good for your skin. One of my favorite lip colors is their je ne sais quoi. It seems to look good on everybody! My go to lipstick is from L’Oréal’s Infallible line and the color is 112 Unending Kiss. It can be difficult to find, though lately I’ve seen it at CVS and Kroger. It’s a really pretty pinkish nude that I use alone, or as a primer for other colors. It lasts for hours too!! ❤️💖❤️

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