All About My Favorite Things – Summer Edition

I love this time of year. Watermelon. Swimming pools. Baseball. Grilling outdoors, and not heating up the kitchen. Fresh homegrown tomatoes (because seriously, those things you buy in the grocery store in the winter don’t deserve to be called tomatoes!) I’ve been trying out some new beauty products this summer, and thought I’d share a few of them, along with a couple of beauty tips to get you through the heat of summer.

First up: Hair care. I have just started using this oil based shampooo and conditioner from Loma. It’s miraculous. I have color-treated hair, and it tends to get dry and crazy from the processing and heat styling. It smells so yummy! My hair is silky soft, but doesn’t feel greasy at all! I also use the Nourishing Oil Treatment to smooth the ends of my hair. My stylist recommended the L’anza Healing Style. It’s a spray styling get that’s also oil based, and it really helps protect my hair from the brutal effects of the straightener and blow dryer. Styling my hair is now almost effortless with this miracle gel! On Saturdays, when I know I’m going to be home all day catching up on housework and hanging out in the pool I use Living Proof In Shower Styler. You shampoo and condition your hair as usual, then work this deliciously scented cream into your wet hair, and lightly rinse. I towel dry my hair, scrunch it up a bit and just let it air dry as I go about my Saturday chores. It’s a way to give my hair a break from the hot tools, and I love the wavy, gentle curls it gives my hair. And girls, my hair is naturally straight as a stick! I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic this cream has in it to give my hair some curl, but it does! Sweet!

Summer Beauty tip #1: Air dry your hair whenever possible to give it a break from the drying effects of your hot tools. Use a good quality hair turban, and let it do as much of the drying work for you.

Next – Summer Fragrance: If you’re looking for a lightly scented body lotion and spray that will instantly remind you of summer days at the beach, then check out this delightful duo from Bath and Body Works. At the Beach has a blend of white frangipani, toasted coconut & bergamot. I think it smells like I want to go to Hawaii and lay on the sand and have somebody bring me a pretty drink with an umbrella in it.

Bath and Body Works At the Beach
Bath and Body Works At the Beach

Summer Beauty tip #2: Lighten up your weekend fragrance. Use a summery scent and rich lotion to give you creamy skin and a beachy vibe. If you’re out in the yard or by the pool or even out running errands, the lighter scent won’t feel as hot and heavy.

My favorite daily self tanner: I’ve tried tons of self tanners, from drugstore brands to high end versions, and I have to say that hands down this is my favorite. Good old Jergens Natural Glow Daily Self Tanner. I use it every other day, it gradually turns my skin the perfect bronze.  It never turns me orange, doesn’t smell funny and leaves my skin happy.

Jergen's Natural Glow
My favorite daily self tanner

Take care of your skin this summer!!! I don’t know about you girls, but I’m paying for all those years laying out on my Even-Up blanket, slathered in baby oil and iodine getting burnt to a crisp.  Help your skin recover from the  effects of age and sun exposure by using quality skin care products. Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably heard of Rodan & Fields skin care. I have to say, I’m a true believer! I use their Redefine regime EVERY SINGLE DAY! Did you know that dryness makes your skin look older? I’ve been using their newest product,  Active Hydration Serum, which uses  Hyaluronic Acid and an unprecedented level of 30% Glycerin to lock in moisture. It’s an absolute game changer.

Active Hydration Serum
Lock in moisture and fight that dry summer skin with Active Hydration Serum

Summer Beauty tip #3: Wear sunscreen! Every. Single. Day. (Don’t forget your neck and hands.)


So there you have it! A little round up of a few of my favorite things, summer edition. Trust me there’s more! I’ll share some of my favorite make-up products next time. I’m a total make-up junkie y’all! Because Mama always told me to make sure I was wearing lipstick when my husband came home. Good advice Mama! Good advice!

What’s your favorite summer beauty product or summer beauty tip? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know!

Cheers! Andy


4 thoughts on “All About My Favorite Things – Summer Edition

  1. Andy, you are a doll! Thanks for sharing your tips! I I am a red head by birth and freckled by the sun, so no self tanner for me…it leaves my spots a terrible shade of tan and looks awful! I do agree, lots of sunscreen everyday and especially on face, neck, and hands!

  2. Great list! I get lost when in the makeup/Fragrance shops and always ends up not buying anything…Next time I know exactly what to look for 🙂

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