My Work Anniversary, and a Pinkimono

Happy Friyay! I realized today that it’s my work anniversary. A year ago, I began my new position, after a whirlwind few weeks of interviewing and worrying and wondering and stressing and decision making. I can’t help but reflect back, because Daddy was still with us, and as we round the corner on this first year of “firsts” without him, I remember how happy he was for me.

I remember coming home to tell him of this wonderful job offer and how scared I was to take the leap, all my insecurities rearing their pitiful little heads. I can still see him sitting there, so excited. And as I rattled on about my fears, he pounded on the table with his fist and said, “You take it!! You take that job!” He is the reason I swallowed my fears. He gave me the confidence I needed to make what turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Thanks Dad!

So here it is, my final day in my pink work wear series. Today’s outfit was much more casual, and I know some office environments won’t allow you to style an outfit like this. Our office rules seem a bit more relaxed in the summer. I’m hoping you can use this as an idea of how to style a tonal outfit. If you’re lucky enough to be able to match your cardigan or top to your pants or skirt, go for it! It’s a great look!

The kimono is from LulaRoe, and I just love it! It just happened to be the perfect shade to match my Not Your Daughter’s coral ankle pants. And I don’t look like Cinderella, but I sometimes feel like it….

Coral Kimono

On a side note, my sweet husband has been taking my picture every morning using my iphone. I’m going to train him on the real camera soon. But y’all. I’m real. I’m me. And I hope you appreciate my “realness”.

Cheers! Andy

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