About Summer Workwear (I’m having a Pink Moment)

It’s summer! Yay! Of course, I’m stuck in an office all day, except for the hour or two a week I dash out to lunch with my work peeps. Let me tell you, it’s tough basking under the glow of fluorescent lighting all day, especially when you know there’s a pool in the backyard calling your name. The challenge when it comes to “what to wear to work” in the summertime is how to embrace a summer vibe, yet still look professional. I realize that in some offices my style won’t work, but I hope I can offer a little inspiration for mixing up color and silhouettes.

A couple of things that help me plan my look for each day:

  1. I usually plan my outfit for the next day when I return home from work and change into my comfy clothes for the evening! I’m already in my closet, so it’s easy to go ahead and pull out my top, pants and even shoes.
  2.  After I’ve selected my outfit I hang them in a prominent place, displayed so I see them first thing in the morning. I usually don’t change my mind! (usually) My outfit is ready to go and getting ready is a breeze each morning.

Over the next few days I’ll show you how I incorporated one of my favorite colors into my outfits for work.  I love pinks! All shades! The challenge is how to pull it off without looking like Cinderella got lost in the office.

This pink jacket was in my Stitch Fix a awhile back, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. I paired it with a pink foiled tee from Target. My pink shoes are Sam Edelman that I purchased during the Style Challenge. I honestly didn’t think I’d get much wear from them, but I’ve found I wear them often!

Pink Jacket

Check back tomorrow, more fun pink work wear to come! Thank you for taking time to read my blog. It means the world to me!

Cheers, Andy

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