About Trusting God…and Comfort Zones


So here I am…in Egypt. Not really. But it feels like it at times. Away from my family. Away from my friends. Away from the job I loved. Away from the place that I knew as “home”. Out of my comfort zone. It’s been an adjustment.
Adjusting to my new house has been interesting. I keep losing stuff that I unpacked when I was in an exhausted daze. I’ll remember where something was in the old house, but have absolutely no clue where it is in our new house. I can’t remember what I got rid of, and what I kept. Seriously. I was in a daze. Try moving two weeks before Christmas. I do not recommend it to anyone! Ever!
Adjusting to my new city has been an adventure. It’s been fun trying new restaurants, new shops, new grocery stores.I’m starting to learn my way around, finding shortcuts and different routes around town. I just keep wishing my “old” friends were here to experience it all with me.
Adjusting to a new church is difficult. We were already searching for a new church home before we moved. We just hadn’t landed anywhere, so we were in a state of “church limbo” for awhile. We’ve visited two churches here, and think we’ve finally found a church we’ll be able to call home. It’s close to our neighborhood, so I hope I can be as involved there as I used to be at FBC, back in the day. We’ve joined a class that we like, so we will be moving our letter there in a few weeks.
I’ve joined Bible Study Fellowship. The study this year has been on Genesis, and oh my goodness, it’s just what I needed. God has spoken to me so loudly and clearly. The verse (Genesis 26:3) in the photo above literally brought me to my knees when I read it. God gave me His confirmation that we are right where He wants us to be.  I don’t know why. It really doesn’t matter. It’s out of my comfort zone, but we’re here. Together. Just one more leg in our journey. We’ve now moved 13 times in our almost 31 years of marriage. We were just blessed to take a nice long pit stop in Texarkana for 18 of those years. I’ve also learned in Genesis how Joseph endured incredible hardship and pain, but never lost his faith, keeping his focus on God. He looked for God, and trusted God in his circumstances, never allowing himself to have a pity party. (I’ve lost count of how many pity parties I’ve had) So, like Joseph, I’m going to bloom where I’m planted and try to be a blessing to others.
So I have a new view. A fresh new life. Winter is over, Spring is here..
Now go and bloom where you’re planted!

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