Leaving My Heart & Letting Go

Tonight will be the last night we spend in our Texarkana house. It’s a bittersweet turning point for us. This old house has nurtured us, and we’ve so many wonderful memories here. 
We’ve experienced first days of school, and graduations. Homecomings, dances, and proms. Birthday parties, and barbecues. Ice storms and  hail storms. First dates, and broken hearts. Learning to drive, and wrecks. Broken bones, concussions, and surgeries. Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Volleyball. Going to college and graduating college!! Engagements, showers, and two weddings!! Our patio and backyard evolved from a baseball diamond and volleyball court to a relaxing patio perfect for wine and candlelight. We’ve opened and closed a business, and experienced the heartache and disappointment when it didn’t work out quite the way we wanted it to. Through all of that, this house on Williamsburg was our haven, and our port in the storm.
And this town embraced and accepted and loved us, from the moment we arrived in 1994. Our home church at FBC was the perfect place to raise our children, and we made so many wonderful friends there. Pleasant Grove was the best school we could have chosen for Amanda and Greg, and we are forever thankful for the amazing teachers and coaches they had there.

And now we let go. At the Christmas concert Sunday night, Danny Gokey talked about letting go, and quoted Romans 8:27-29: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Everything that’s happened to us here in Texarkana, and all of our experiences, both good and bad, have shaped us and prepared us for this. So we’re stepping out in faith, and trusting God, and we know that He’s leading us right where He wants us to be. We know that we have new friends, new memories and new experiences waiting for us in our new home.
(but I leave a little piece of my heart here in Texarkana)
Much love to you all!


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