Rose Gold Home Office Decor

My home office is a mess y’all! A very hot mess. I’ve slowly been sifting through Mom and Dad’s stuff. I have their files and tax returns and an old Underwood typewriter and cards and envelopes (Mom was a paper/cardstock hoarder). I still have an old oak Broyhill four-piece bookshelf and curio cabinet that we’ve had since 1995. Yeah. It’s in there too. Mainly because we were unable to sell it, and just moved it here with us. And there it is. I don’t even like it anymore, I just can’t figure out what to do with the stupid thing. Paint it? I don’t know. I have leftover scrapbook supplies in a craft cabinet. (I haven’t scrapbooked in years, since I do it on my phone now). Again. Just haven’t done anything with it. Seriously. Why exactly do we hang onto stuff? It’s just stuff. And the stuff overwhelms me. I’m so over it. 


I was inspired today by a fellow blogger who had shared some wonderful home office ideas. Lynn at Back to the South featured a beautiful  makeover mood board and some pictures of her home office that she will be re-doing in the coming weeks. I really can’t wait to see how it turns out! She’s got some great ideas y’all! Go take a peek.

I haven’t gotten as far as a mood board, since I am in the beginning stages of reimagining my home office space. I still craft and make feeble attempts at DIY projects, so the space will double as a home office/craft room. I am currently in love with all things Rose Gold, and created a collage of some office decor I found on Amazon featuring my current rose gold crush.

Rose Gold home OfficeIsn’t all of this just yummy? Click the links for details on the gorgeous office decor featured here! Everything was found on Amazon.

  1. Rose Gold Paper Stacker
  2. Rose Gold Paper Clips
  3. Rose Gold Mouse Pad
  4. Rose Gold Desk Set
  5. Clock
  6. Rose Gold & White Chair

The beautiful Mason Jars just make me happy. They’re also on Amazon, but I’m going to google a DIY and see if maybe I can duplicate the look. I also have an old stacking tray that was in Daddy’s office that I may just paint rose gold.

I just found this Krylon Spray Paint at Wal-Mart. I might be in trouble! I love spray paint! There’s just no telling what household objects might fall victim to this stuff! I’ve also pinned some ideas onto my Craft Room Redo board on Pinterest.

This color palette will be my jumping off point. I’m not too old to learn new tricks, but I still have fairly traditional taste, so I’m going to have to do a little research. And it might take me awhile. But I will get it done! I will make it happen! (And yes, the Make It Happen print is found on Amazon too!) Make it Happen Print

So tell me! Do you have any decor projects ahead of you? Do you have any ideas for my home office? Please Share! Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am just going to start a makeover on my office, it is a great room but I want to make some improvements and finish decorating my space. I wish I hadn’t seen these rose gold items because now I want them all! Gorgeous!

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